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This is a law that most questions on what you can do with magic are solved.

What is the move magick law?

 This is a law that I have told multiple people. The movie magick law is a Wiccan law that I go by and it is pretty simple. When you watch any movie or tv series that have magick in them you will 91% of the time not be able to do it.

What people will tell you:

People may tell you that every spell works but that is just not true. Magick can not affect the physical form of your body only the soul. So every spell that says they can turn you into a were-wolf is not true. I came here just for the body changing spells!

 If you are thinking this just wait, there are many things on this site that may interest you.

How do I decipher what spells work or do not work?

First take a good look at the things that you will need for the spell and make sure that it makes sense now do that with the chant. If everything makes sense it is a 71% chance it will work, but to just make sure you might want to cast a protection spell. Also, to add on to that, if it sounds way too easy and way too abstract it probably is. I hope this cleared up some stuff on this site. If you have any more questions feel free to mail me.

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