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In this article I tell of my six year experience with a pagan sun god, wait for it, Lucifer.

Alright so for those who are not in the know, or have not done a less than thirty minute search,Lucifer is the name of what some mistaken few call "Satan" (although Satan is the name of Ah-Shaitan the hebrew angel or djinn that is the right hand of Elohim ((islamic/hebrew/christian god)) who is known as a tempter and deceiver not because he is evil but because he actively tests the souls of men to find if they are truly faithful to Yahweh.) although he is not, but he has been demonized by monotheists due to his popularity (The same reason Pan became demonic to christain folklore, and why Amon is ascribed as a daemon along with Baal) as a solar deity. If you trace the name Lucifer it will bring you to the Greek word for phosphorus meaning bright or light. This was misused when transcribing the Quran from Hebrew to Latin which in hebrew is "Helel Bin Shahar" meaning "Light Bringer" or "Light Barer". Though when researched you will find this is also incorrect as Sharar is actually the Ugarit god of Dawn, along with his brother Shalim. These figures again where demonized as simple metaphorical kings of Babel. So Lucifer > Shahar > Dawn god right? Eh, kinda. You see he and Shalim are brothers metaphorically, in reality they are the same deity whom does the two jobs of bringing the sun up and down, just seen as a joined effort.

There is belief that Dawn god refers to Venus, but this can be explained away. You see Shalim shares a striking resemblance with Utu, or known as Shamash. I believe the Ugarit used the Mesopotamian sun god in their own pantheon to explain dusk and dawn while keeping their own separate sun god. This can be used to clarify Lucifer/Shahar/Shalim/Shamash 's role. When tied together it makes sense why they'd be so quick to demonized a Sun God whom was very widely worshiped so that their religion had a slight chance. Fear is kryptonite to the weak of mind.

Anyway my personal experience with Shamash has been a pleasant one always! He is a kind, noble, honorable, generous and enlightened god. He has blessed me with many nice things and has helped me when I pleaded for him. I do call him by Lucifer and use his seal and crest as a sign of respect and love towards him. He has been a spiritual father and I do not know what i'd do without him. Anyway I hope you all have had some good experiences with him, and I hope you all have a most wonderful day!

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