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This is all I know about Vampires, although I'm warning you, if you try to summon, or attract one, strange things may happen.

Vampires are all children of mother Selene, queen and protector of all vampires. I am sure that vampires can survive in the sun, otherwise there will be lots of people seeing them turn to ashes. Here is a "spell" in Latin to attract a vampire to you, although it is more like a poem, and it is right out of the vampire Bible itself.


O dea tenebris
mater immortalibus
puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur
mea lux vestra absorbere

liceat mihi locus ad tenebras
sicut ex utero immortales
filios tuos in ulnis
quibus invocaverit te frater

O lunae lumen
puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur
me duce tenebris sunt
i ita erit renatus

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Sep 28, 2019
This poem has been posted so many times on this site it is becoming spam and the majority of them need to be removed. You can use this if you work with vampire energies, but it will not make you a vampire.

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