What Don't People Understand?

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Just a little rant of mine, thought I'd share my two cents on a certain issue.

Okay, let me just say that I am not addressing everyone on this website, nor am I trying to be disrespectful. I am just voicing my opinion.

Alright, now for the point I'm trying to get across. When you become a Wiccan witch, you take on the Wiccan Rede, "If It Harms None, Do What Thou Will," along with the Three-fold rule. The reason I bring this up is because I see a lot of spells that could really harm someone, or maybe even kill them or drive them to suicide. That is not what magick is for. Magick should only be used for positive purposes, for example, you wanted to help a friend in need. Love spells can also be pretty harmful because it can put someone in a love trap, and it is unfair to enslave someone just so you can get your rocks off. Magick is a very serious responsibility, and no magick whatsoever should be tampered with or get set in the wrong hands.

So I beg you, all of you, please be careful with any rituals you may perform, or any spells you may cast, because I don't wanna see anyone get hurt because of ignorance. Thank you for reading through my little rant, and may the God and Goddess bless you.

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Sep 28, 2019
I commend you for speaking your mind, and it is a very wise one from Wiccan perspective. From one Wiccan to another I applaud you. Unfortunately, not everyone is Wiccan, Magic is a natural energy that anyone of any faith can tap into and utilize for their own needs. Some have no qualms cursing strangers for petty reasons, and it is their choice to do so. Where I hope they stopped and reflected was on their own personal morality on the matter of Magic and know why they are fine healing, cursing, or protecting others. People curse rapists, use bindings on governments, and heal murderers. The thing that matters is whether or not they took the time to evaluate their belief and where the perceived line is when it comes to spells. Can you define ''harm'' for yourself? Personally, I am Epicurean and believe extremes are harmful. Negative self talk can be just as harmful as positive if taken to the extremes, as well as cursing someone who did harm first, while I have never cursed someone, and have no plans to do so, I can see why one would consider it ''good'' if they are harming an ''evil'' individual, however, I do not see humans as being wise enough to pass life or death decisions. A curse to bring justice, such as a thief getting caught, is not harmful, while a thief being tormented by their actions for months, or years, is a step too far and therefore harmful. I find the universe has a way of evening things out, so my views on harm boil down to personal improvements. Being too idol and not exercising, eating too much junk food, not continuing to educate yourself or seek a therapist for occasional mental health improvements is just as harmful as avoiding all ''sins'' and ''harmful'' constructs of society. My hope for people is to take a moment to evaluate their life and decide for themselves what is right and wrong.

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