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For finding yourself among the four greatest demons and losing yourself among the four sides of world. That is my first ritual I publish here, so I shall apologize for it from the very beginning. It may be too confusing or it may have some mistakes in it. But I will do my best to avoid them and keep my thoughts straight and well-ordered.

For this ritual, one might need

a calm hot place (so hot that one will be covered with sweat immediately)

a calm while

a cup of natural juice or fresh water

a knife

enochian keys (they are given in the satanic bible)

a stool/chair (if you wish).

An old attic in summer is the best place for this, yet you may find some other option. You may get naked or may keep clothes on ? depends on your wish. However, I shall not hide, that being naked and putting off all jewelry or necklaces is a good way of showing the seriousness of your intention and of making yourself closer to satan (as a symbol of all that is natural and free from any laws).After you have found a place, put there a stool/chair and the cup of the liquid you will have to drink somewhere close to it. If you wish, you can turn on some peaceful music, for no hurry is required here.

Now ritual:

Take the knife in your hand.

Sit on the stool faced to the South-West. If you wish, you may say ?Shemfamforash? 6 times, showing who you want to speak with.

Turn your head to the south and call the Keeper of southern gates, pointing into his direction with the knife. (You may choose your own words, but I will give mine as an example) ?Satan, the keeper of the southern gates, open your doors and come in to be my guest.?

Turn to the East and point into its direction with knife. ?Lucifer, the keeper of the eastern gates, open your doors and come to be my guest?.

Then do the same with north and west. Northern gatekeeper is Baal, yet I prefer Beelzebub. Western gates ? Leviathan (aka Levyatan).

After the gates are open, sit faced to the south-west again. Make a pause to recollect yourself, if you wish. Then ask the gatekeepers to come in. Be sincere and say what you wish. If you call the demon and wait for him to come, just remember that he is already in your heart and thoughts, which means you are already ?diseased? with him and they already know your intentions. For this reason you must be brave so that they find an interest in working with you, and you must be wise as well, for ignorance is one of the sins and it never lets you realize the irony of life and soul.

Call them, stretching your hands to them. Call them several times until you feel their presence. It may be breathing, some quiet blow of wind. Imagine them coming closer, and they will come. You want them to be in a distance of one step from you, sitting around just like you.

Never let them enslave you or rule your body. You are equal, so never stand on your knees or call yourself their servant. Yet, they are not your servants as well. They may be friends, or brothers. Nothing else.

Now it is the most important part of the ritual. If you have read the bible of satan, you may now that LaVey has worked well by letting some enochian chants to the public. Tell them what you want. Say what you require, for which terms, and what you promise to do from your side. After that, read the enochian keys.

After the keys are read, take the cup and drink from it slowly, making pauses between the sips and saying:

?For our health I drink. For yours and for mine, for now your power and your blood flow inside of me. Now we are friends and brothers and so we shall give hand and soul to each other?

After you finished drinking for the health of all, thank them and ask for the first gift. Stretch your hands out and tell them to put their hands on yours. But be brave and have no doubts, or the Gatekeepers leave before the party ends.

If you feel the warmth on your hands (you may feel it on your shoulders as well) then they did appreciate your deal and they will come the next time. Thank them for everything and say that they are now free to go back into their lands.


If you think of a demon and darkness, it is already dark inside IIIOIII

The darkness waits for bold and interesting, for it loves humor and interesting stories to watch IIIOIII

Don?t use too much trinkets or any other thing unless you wish to call Azazel, the one who created all this rubbish to corrupt our souls IIIOIII

Evil is all the wild we have inside and all the sincere we keep there.

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