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This is my mere conclusion on Christian Witchcraft as a Christian Witch, as a member of a Christian Witches group off the website), academics, and other forms of knowledge.

Christian Witchery is more of a relationship than it is a religion. It is like a spiritual lifestyle. A key factor that I feel we must understand about Christian Witchcraft is that it comes in many different forms and beliefs. You have people who believe in God, those who believe in the Matron Mary or Mother of God, the Holy Trinity, Gods Wife, whatever. One might even call it an esoteric form of Christianity as it is a mystery religion. It does sound like a bit of an oxymoron, yes. Some people might even insist that the idea goes against biblical teachings presented in the Bible. The idea of being a Christian Witch is the different among each witch. Though, it follows the central core of believing in Jesus while performing magical practices.

Despite the recent popularity of the idea in recent years, Christian Witchcraft is not a new-age movement. The idea of a Christian practicing witchcraft goes back beyond medieval times. We can see this as we know Pagan elements have been mixed into Christian culture and as Christian elements have mixed into Pagan culture. Yule & Christmas or Ostara & Easter are great examples of this. In fact, many of our ancestors might have practiced some ounce of Christian Witchcraft due to conversion. These witches would hide their beliefs and grow more diverse practices through Christianity. This was a method used to protect witches from persecution.


A few pagan symbols originated from early Christians or shared similar roots. The pentagram is a good example of this. The pentagram is a symbol often found in a vast range of cultures for protection, unity, the elements, etc. It was used & is used by the Chinese, the Japanese, Wiccans, and people from all sorts of paths. Early Christians even used the pentagram as a symbol to represent the Wounds of Christ. This grew into popularity when Constantine (a Roman emperor) converted to Christianity. He used the pentagram for his seal and amulet. It was a symbol of the Savoir and was once the official seal of Jerusalem. Some people and scholars have concluded that the pentagram was used against witches, demons, and other evil beings during the Renaissance & Middle Ages; much like how the cross is used now. The idea of these pagan symbols becoming satanic is a new-age movement that grew popularity in the 20th century from both Christians and Occultists.

It does sound like a bit of an oxymoron to be a Christian Witch. This is mainly due to what the bible does say about witchcraft. It is an abomination that was not turned over by Christ as it was still a sin in the New Testament after his crucifixion. The dos and donts are said to not be arbitrary (I disagree due to changing times and needs of the people). This can be seen in Deuteronomy 18:9-14 and is seen again in Revelation 21:8. Some practitioners believe this isnt relating to healing, energy work, devotional rituals, blessings, prophecy, etc. It does forbid divination, curses, hexes, and other things that seem unholy in the eyes of the Lord. Though, several people agree that this was a mistranslation in the Bible. Exodus 22:18 might go as far as to say that a witch might have meant someone of evil deeds & one that would poison victims. Deuteronomy 18:9-14 might of forbid forms of spirit conjuring and allowed nature-based magic (maybe it was thought to be disrespectful to summon spirits). A problem I have with some of these quotes (like Deuteronomy 18:9-14) is that you have people who are born mediums or have prophetic dreams. I dont see exceptions in the Bible over such ordeals. Some people even suggest that the miracles Jesus had performed were magical practices. Witchcraft was not added into the Old Testaments until around 560 B.C. This was the 6th Century BC when the bible was being written which was when witches grew into popularity & was found fearful.

A religions written scripture might be its religious canon (i.e. the rule). The thing about religion is that it is strictly about following it and having discipline, but we might not all follow what our religions written scripture says. Therefore, we follow a central core (being the teachings of Jesus) or incorporating pagan elements into our Christian practices. After-all, it isnt two religions that are opposing each other. Paganism is an umbrella term used to describe the European religions, but maybe some forms of Christianity are considered pagan as the religion reshaped & changed when spreading across Europe. This might be because the Romans (a European nation) were the ones to rule Palestine in the early stages of Christianity. That is a reasonable view of mine in my all debating head.

The Bible is a huge reference for my workings and my beliefs, taking little of it for granted. Thus, I like to take things with a grain of salt as cultures have changed & grown over time. A lot of about what we read in it is how we read it. It is up for interpretation and speculation. It is a well-known fact that the bible was written by many people (such as Moses writing the first five books), The Apostle Paul, etc. Another thing worth mentioning is that the Bible is a text that is over 2500 years old. It was in the works before Jesus was even crucified (as Jesus was said to be 12 years old in 4 AD). A written scripture that old is known to get lost in translation and will have branches that sprout out based on how one might interpret the religious canon. An example of this would be for Christians who believe in the Holy Trinity and Christians who do not. The idea that it is a Holy Trinity and the idea that it isnt are both presented in the Bible.

Magic and witchcraft is not rooted in any set beliefs. It is accustomed into ones own set beliefs. It is a practice and a way of living. Like I said, Christian Witchery is a spiritual lifestyle. It is more a relationship with Jesus than it is a religion. It is a diverse branch of Christianity that takes aspects of the Bible to use in their magical practices (like protective chants in Psalms) without taking the entirety of it for granted. You have people who believe in God, those who believe in the Matron Mary or Mother of God, the Holy Trinity, Gods Wife, whatever. It is about what we are attracted to and how we are attracted to it. This makes Christian Witchcraft a personal experience for everyone who practices it. Christian Witchery truly is a mysterious practice.


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