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An article to give people information on haunting places and people. Also how to distinguish a mental illness from a true haunted person.


Here you will learn about:

  • How to know if it's a haunted person or a mental illness
  • Haunted Places
  • Haunted People
  • How to deal with a haunted place/person

Haunted People vs Mental Illness

It is more common than you think to mistake a haunted person with a mental illness and vice-versa. Both represent very similar characteristics, a person that claims to be haunted could be, for example, depressed or schizophrenic. This is a mistake made simply because the characteristics being so similar, combined with the " smarts " of the spirit, it can be a pain to tell which is which, however not impossible. A person with a good amount of knowledge on the paranormal view could see if a person is indeed haunted or not. One way that helps a person determinate if another is indeed haunted is by simply looking at the other fields in that person's life.

" [...] skeptics and other professional always ask me how I know these people aren't just crazy. I always answer with the above. They were otherwise normal, healthy, balanced people. They had no history of mental illness and when they left their house or escaped the haunting situation they were able to return to a normal life. " - Jessica Penot.

Finding out what the spirit(s) wants

This is literally the first thing you should do in case of a haunting. You should always try to know what the spirit wants before taking any action. Why? Because some spirits just want something from someone and if they get it they'll leave. If you just try to understand what the spirit wants, you could save yourself a lot of trouble and possibly money too. Information is always key.

Haunted Places

A Haunted place is obviously a place infested with spirits. A place where certain anomalies may take place. Unlike many think, a haunted place doesn't mean the place is abandoned. A haunted place could look like a regular home per example. Don't take the aspect of the place too much in count.

A Haunted place makes a person normally feel:

  • Cold spots inside the place
  • A thick atmosphere in the room
  • Hearing odd sounds ( voices, whispers, etc. )
  • Touches, scratches, etc.
  • Trouble in breathing and/or reacting
  • A need to get out of that place

Haunted People

A haunted person normally presents these characteristics:

  • A " change " of personality
  • Isolation from everyone and everything voluntarily or not
  • Being sleepy all the time, feeling drained
  • Strange marks on her/his skin
  • No explanation for being like that
  • A " bad " energy thus making people avoid them
  • Claiming to see things ( ghost, demons, etc. )

How to take care of a haunted place:

There are many techniques and steps on how to get that place nice and clean. Such has followed:


This should be your first step. A good technique on cleansing a home is to mix waster, salt and rosemary in a spraying bottle or jar. When that's done, simply spray it on the walls and/or everywhere you'd like.

You could also use sage. Either by burning some sage leaves around the whole place ( including outside if it's a house ) or some sage incense, while chanting something simple like " Make all the negativity go away ", or something else, repeatedly.


A really neat technique on protecting a home is by writing on the walls with salt water quotes that make you feel safe. You could even use the bible, anything you feel like it keeps you safe. You could use a marker instead of the salt water and then paint over it, if you'd like.

Flowers. Yes flowers! You could plant some flowers around your house to help you! If you have an apartment, you could keep them inside or near the windows. Some flowers to consider are: Lilly, lilac, marigold, primrose, tulip, yarrow.

After being sure the person is actually haunted these are some options to consider on helping the person:


A good way to cleanse a person from negative energy is a simple herbal bath. You should fill a tub with water. Then mix in salt, rue, lavender and some bay leaves. This will help you wash away all that negative charge and keep you relaxed at the same time. If you do not have a tub, you could mix in a container and then just pour it from your neck.

A nice walk by nature. When having a bad day and I start feeling down, depressed, frustrated, etc.. I take a walk near a river and a couple of trees. Sitting in the nature, listening to the birds, feeling the wind, it will fix you right up. Sometimes simple things are the best. Take a walk by the nature, if you feel like you don't want to be alone, invite a friend!


If you have succeeded at knowing and giving what the spirit wants and he still hasn't left, even after you asked/told them too, then you should banish them. You could do this by the means of spells/rituals. You could search for some and have people help you, if possible, or simply craft your own!

Cleansing regularly, taking salt baths, etc.. could help you a lot as well! If you've tried everything mentioned here and it still hasn't calmed things down, I suggest you seeking further help. I will be available in case you have any doubts or questions.


Some people use oils to inscribe sigils and/or quotes on their skin to keep them safe. This is actually a really good and somewhat discrete way of protecting yourself. Simple take some oil ( dragon's blood per example ) and draw a sigil that you feel drawn to, on your skin. Wherever you'd like.

Crystals. Carrying crystals with you, or simply having them in your home ( preferably the place where you spend the most time in ) can help keeping all that negativity away. You could even put a couple under your pillow before sleeping, or under your bed, as well. Some crystals to consider are: Black Onyx, selenite, quartz, bloodstone, silver and agate.

Wish you the best of luck and I hope this article helped you. :)




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