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Difference between a cursed and a bonded object.

I very much enjoy the discussion of curses in general, and creating cursed objects is one of my favorites.


The Difference Between a Bonded and Cursed Object

The difference between the two is that bonded objects act as a bond and portal between people and any sort of energy can be sent through.

Cursed Objects

Creating a cursed object works much the same way as charging an item with a particular purpose. You can make it more potent by using a pillar rite and charging the object for no less than one month.

  1. Begin charging and finish charging the item during the dark moon.
  2. You will need the object, something you know that the person will not get rid of (the saying "Know thy enemy" fits in well here lol).
  3. You will need a personal item of the person you want to give it to. If this is not available, a picture will work as well.
  4. Prepare your Ritual Space.
  5. Invoke your Deity(ies) or spirit of choice.
  6. Create a hexagram with six red candles and white string. Start by tying the string to the top candle, running it down around the one on the lower right, then over to the one on the lower left, then back up to the top candle (tying off). Then repeat starting at the bottom to create the second triangle.
  7. In the center of the hexagram (where there is an open spot), place a piece of paper with the sigil(s) of the invoked Deity(ies) or spirit (if applicable), on it along with a drop of your blood. On top of that place the personal item and/or the picture of the person, and the object. Imagine the entire set up becoming a pillar of hatred.

This must be repeated nightly from dark moon to dark moon in order for the curse to infuse with the item properly, afterwards, give the object to the person.


Bonded Objects

A bonded object is an item that binds people together-gift giver and recipient. Through a bonded object, the giver can send the recipient energy, whether this is for healing, cursing, etc.

The receiver can take a vow, (which makes the bond between the people stronger, and can solidify the portal) stating that they are taking the bonded object knowing it is bonded, or they can accept it unknowingly.

  1. Choose your object. Again, this is going to need to be something that the person will keep if they are accepting it unknowingly.
  2. You'll need a personal item or picture.
  3. Create a hexagram with six white candles and black string. In the lower part of the hexagram (where there is an open triangular spot), place a piece of paper with the sigils of the Deity or spirit invoked on it (if applicable). In the upper triangle of the hexagram put the item, and the bonded object.
  4. Imagine the entire set up becoming interconnected. It becomes a pillar of energy. Imagine it reaching out from you to the other person.

Do this for a month.

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