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The exercise of assuming GodForms for ritual purposes.


The Assumption of God Forms is an extremely potent adjunct to Invocation. By assuming the Form of a corresponding God or Divine Image, the Magician links personal consciousness with an aspect of his or her Higher Self (Divine Genius) harmonious with the nature of the invoked Forces. The invocation is thereby transformed. The summons no longer arises merely from the personal will and Ego of the magician. Instead, the God Form irresistibly compels the Forces to manifest with the power of a Divine Mandate.

The timely divestment of all God Forms assumed during a Ritual is as important as is the proper banishing of the invoked Forces. Maintaining a sound and healthy Ego is as essential to a magician as is the ability to exalt one's consciousness. If all assumed God Forms are not properly divested prior to banishing, there is a serious risk of psychological inflation or even of megalomania developing over time. If you are not comfortable with calling forth and banishing forces you should not attempt this exercise yet.

Assumption of God Forms

1.      Study carefully a picture or drawing of the God. Notice all details of appearance, clothing, and so forth. Familiarize yourself with the attributions of the God. Take note of the color, as well as the Flashing (complementary) Color which corresponds to the Force to be invoked.

2.      Close your eyes. In your mind's eye, build up the image of the God in front of you. It should be colossal and towering in stature. Clothe the God Form in the color appropriate to the Force you are invoking highlighted with the flashing (complementary) color. Build up all the details of the God's appearance.

3.      Give the Sign of the Enterer and, taking one step forward, enter the God Form.

4.      Assume the God Form completely. Vibrate the Name of the God several times while you visualize the God Form enveloping your Sphere of Sensation (Aura). Identify yourself with the God. Take your time. Merge with the God, uniting your consciousness with the consciousness of the Divinity. As completely as possible, imagine yourself becoming the God.

Divestment of God Forms

1.      Close your eyes. In your mind's eye, reconnect for a few moments with the God Form which you have previously assumed. Build up the Image of the Divinity again completely enveloping your Sphere of Sensation (Aura). Notice all of the details, colors, and so forth, of the God Form.

2.      Take one step backwards stepping out of the Image. As you do so, disidentify yourself from the God Form, separating yourself from the Image completely.

3.      Give the Sign of Silence, and remain thus while you disperse the Image. In your mind's eye, see the God once again towering before you. Take your time, and visualize the Image slowly disintegrating and disappearing until it is completely gone.

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