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Some questions I have frequently encountered and my typical responses.

I've been able to tap into things that other people couldn't all of my life. I can remember seeing the deceased at a young age and having a strong intuition as to what was going to happen. When I was around eight or nine years of age, I started making predictions, and while nothing may happen of my prediction for several years, they all eventually come true. Even though I started at that age, my first prediction was when I was five or six, and that was for my great grandmother to pass at a hundred years old, I told her this on her ninetieth birthday. 
In the years I've communicated, befriended, and aided numerous people who could be considered psychic, though in my personal belief, psychic is a term that can exclude others and that isn't possible because everyone has the ability to develop extra senses, you just need the determination and confidence. I've concluded several times that there are numerous misconceptions when it comes to anything in the magical world we dwell in, so to speak. No one can hope to break all of these misconceptions, but in this thread I hope to shed some light on some frequently asked questions on this topic. 
Can I use an affinity element with my abilities?
Short answer, no, long answer, yes. 
When I say use an affinity element with abilities, I mean that you can't use them phsycially. For example, someone who has an affinity for Earth could not raise up a volcano, split the ground, etc. However, because a 'psychic' ability usually amplifies something in a sense that makes it easier for the individual to pick up on, they might find that they are an excellent gardner, rarely get bitten by mosquitos, or something of the such. 
The easiest way to explain having an affinity for an element is to say that it's like finding comfort and solace in an element. Are you a passionate and lustful person who burns bright and enjoys the heat? Fire might be your affinity. Are you calm but when you're angered you're a force not to be reckoned with? You might have water for an affinity. Using your affinity with your abilities amplifies element. For example if your affinity is Earth, the time of year is spring and you're feeling restless with all the new growth around you. It makes you feel reborn in a sense. Now say you wanted to perform a protection spell over your house during this time. You can 'reach' out with your abilities and 'connect' them to your affinity. You could sprinkle some dirt in the doorways with salt while connecting the thought of it being protective of your house because it's connected to the strength and power of the very Earth below our feet. 
I see dead people. What do I do?
If this is the first time, remember to remain calm. They can't phsycially hurt you, and so long as your energy in your body and aura remains calm, they won't be feeding on negative energy that could set them off and want to mentally or emotionally hurt you. Usually the deceased will come to you for several reasons, although most of them are because they feel they didn't get to complete something while living, and even though in most cases you can't do anything, you can talk to them in a soothing voice and try to console them if they let you. Ideally you could try to convince them to cross over, but I wouldn't suggest this unless you have some experience with the matter beforehand. 
If they're causing issues such as frequently showing up and not leaving you alone, causing nightmares, or other paranormal activities, they can be classified as malevolent. When the deceased turn malevolent, it is important to deal with the matter as soon as humanly possible. Shield yourself, perform protection spells, invite in the Church, and otherwise make every attempt possible to banish them. Usually this isn't too difficult for someone who knows what they are doing, ut in the event that an unexperienced practitioner tries to perform a banishing spell and it backfires, they may quickly find their home a beacon for those who aren't very nice. 
I have dreams at night, and sometimes they come true. I also experience deja vu often. What do I do?
It is not uncommon for people to experience deja vu or have dreams that come true, but often it only happens a handful of times in someone's life. In people like myself who are especially gifted, it can become a part of our daily life, never far away. 
The most famously accurate prophet that I can think of is Nostradomus, who made numerous predictions by way of dreams and scrying, and even after several centuries, they're still coming true. Some people aren't as lucky, or cursed, to experience these sorts of dreams or visions in the same way. 
I'm not an expert on how others experience their visions, so I can't speak for how they might affect someone else. I can only theorise, and if I were to theorise I could create more misconceptions which I will not do. Trusting yourself and having confidence in your intuition will reward you greatly, though it can be difficult because you can't decipher what is fact or fantasy when it can happen in a day, in a year, in a decade, in a century, or never. But if you're around to see that prediction/vision/dream come true, you will know deep in your being that you made that prediction and that it's happening.
The other night I had a sudden feeling of deep sorrow and I almost cried. The next day my brother called me and told me that our mother had died. Can I foretell the future?
What you're experiencing is more likely a mix of empathy and heavy intuition instead of foretelling the future. People are often confused as to what empathy encompasses. Every living person has some degree of empathy for other living creatures, or even other objects such as feeling empathetic for a tree that's being cut down, or crying with someone about something to show compassion and empathy. 
In some people, their empathy is greater than others, meaning they might directly be able to almost read what a person is feeling, they could possibly alter others' moods, and be deeply affected by others' emotions almost to the point where it feels as if they're your own emotions. Learning how to shield this ability so that it doesn't drive you mad is important, but it's even more important to learn where the distinctive line lies between it being an extra sense, or just being a regular form of empathy that everyone is susceptible to. 
Why do people lie about having these sorts of abilities?
People will lie about just about anything and everything, whatever their reasons may be. The most easily instance I can refer to is during the years of 1890 - 1940. During this time in particular, there were many frauds exposed, hampering the reputation of those who have an actual ability. This, in sort, is a gift. It can bring a layer of protection and secrecy to those with these abilities, but while the secrecy brings peace, it doesn't always get better until you take the time to learn about your ability. Stay confident in your true abilities, and things can go smoothly. 
What can I do if I'm at a loss with my abilities and I need help?
This can either be easy, or very difficult. Let me explain.
This can be easy if you know someone who has some experience in the sort of thing you're going through, preferably one who has the same ability as you. A quick bell on the phone, and you've got some wisdom going through your mind. 
There are a whole load of ways it can get worse if you don't know someone or have immediate resources. Worst case scenario, you're having your first vision and you're in public. It begins to freak you out so you begin to hyperventilate. The best thing you can do is close your eyes and take very deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. When you can, do some sleuthing on the internet on articles on your specific ability, and make sure to cross reference, because there are misconceptions. 

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