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Ouija Boards - What they are & How to use them

Ouija Boards, against common belief, are not dangerous. Many people heard the words " Ouija Board " and they immediately associate to something bad or something that attracts problems, this however, is a wrong line of thought.

Ouija Board - What are they?

An Ouija Board is nothing more, nothing less than a simple tool. That's right, just a simple tool to communicate with the dead, and like any other tool, it needs proper use, otherwise there are some chances of something bad happening.

Ouija Boards became known around 1890, when they got released for sale and quickly became famous for it's promises of " Will answer any questions and doubts ". They were bought on a large scale because at that time World War I was taking place, with many deaths came many families wanting to talk to their deceased loved ones. Despite them being famous, the source of where they came from still is to be found.

At that time there were few - if any - guide lines on how to use such a tool. Which lead to a serious number of spiritual problems. Hauntings, possessions, exorcisms, among others, increased, and the blame was on the Ouija Boards, everything made sense. When the fault fell on the Boards, they immediately gained a bad reputation and people started avoiding them. Some people - 'till this day - think it's a tool of the Devil or that it attracts problems, this is wrong. A tool is neither bad or good, your hands determinate that, not the tool itself. Ouija Boards, if used correctly, are harmless.

Ouija Boards - How To Use Them

There aren't really any " rules " on how to use an Ouija Board, but rather safety guides.

Prepare yourself

You can - there's no need but it helps setting a certain ambience - light up some candles & some incense, creating a nice atmosphere around you. Invite the spirits and let them know what you're using the Ouija Board for, let them know what exactly is you seek. You can wear or have near you whatever you want, be it necklaces, stones, crystals, if it makes you feel good, keep it around!

Be serious.

When using an Ouija Board be serious. Don't play around asking questions such has: " When will X die " ; " Is X a prick "; etc.. Have respect for both the spirit and your friends. If someone isn't serious and rather making fun of everything and asking questions that should not be asked, invite them to leave.

Keep your calm.

Don't get mad if a spirit is being disrespectful. There are different types of spirits with different types of " Personalities ". Always remember to keep your calm, if the spirit is being too pushy or you just had enough, kindly say " Goodbye " and wait for the Planchette to move to " Goodbye " on its own, or force it.

When to end the seance

Whenever the Planchette starts acting weird ( doing " figure 8 " ; counting from A-Z ; Counting from 0 - 9 ) just push the planchette to " Goodbye ". Some people defend the theory that when the Planchette does that, it means the spirit is trying to get away, some don't. It's all about what you feel is best.

If the room starts getting " heavy " or acting weird ( lights flickering, stuff moving, etc.. ) or if your intuition is spiking telling you something bad is going to happen, end the seance. This isn't a good sign and a cleansing should be done after the seance.

Pay attention

Pay attention to everything the spirit says. Some people can't remember it all, so writing down has the planchette moves is a good way to remember. Also, do not leave the planchette unatended, ever.

Final notes

Trust yourself. Remember, you have the power to end the seance and send the spirit away whenever you want.. Don't be frightened by the spirit, trust yourself and your intuition and you will be just fine. As you see, Ouija Boards are just a communication tool, use it right and you will be perfectly safe and sound. After a seance, it's always best if you cleanse yourself and the place where the seance took place, only a safety measure to clear all energy used.

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