The Two polar opposites- The sisters Attart and Vaalinde.

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Attart and Vaalinde were sisters each one representing the polar opposites, good and evil, yin and yang. Attart was the good sister, she shared her gifts of abundance, healing and would drive away anything evil. She was all about peace and healing. On the other hand was Vaal/Vaalinde who was jealous and evil. She was only satisfied by wars and by seeing people suffering. The followers of each Goddess would inherent characteristics from their protectress. The followers of Astarte would be kind, willing to help and always looked for a way to heal others, while the followers of Vaalinde would be cruel, selfish and would only be pleased by seeing havock and ruin. There was even a big diffrence in the way their spells worked. For example the breakup spells of the followers Attart even though they would eventually break up the couple, they would find a far better match for the person the witch wasn't interested in. The break up spells of the followers of Vaalinde as you can imagine were very vengful and would cause serious damage to the person the witch wanted to get rid of, if not both parties and it would also include extra gifts with them as they called 'em such as infidelity, the inability to ever find a husband again etc..All that being said each one wouldn't exist without the other, cause without seeing the pure evil and havock that Vaalinde causes we would never be able to see the light and healing that Attart offers.

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