How to Know if You are a Vampire

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Take this quiz to find out if you are a vampire! Keep track of how many times you say yes to this quiz.

Take this quiz to find out if you are a real vampire. Keep track of how many times you said yes to these questions. 1. Do you have unusually pale skin? 2. Have you ever been told by professionals that you’re lucky you survived an accident with only a few scratches or cuts? 3. Are you a naturally strong magic/energy user self-taught or self-realized? 4. As a kid, were you the strongest, smartest, or quickest kid in the class. 5. Did your dad disappear from your life while you were at a young age? 6. Do people often tell you that you look very young for your age, or that they would have never guessed how old you are? 7. Are you extremely energetic at night but around the time the sun comes up become extremely tired? 8. Are you a slightly quicker healer than most, if not a much quicker healer? 9. Do you tend to switch between very social and antisocial frequently? 10. Do you rarely get sick, or when you get sick does your body recovers quicker than most people 11. Are your six senses more enhanced than most other peoples, i.e. vision, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and intuition? 12. Do you have extremely good vision in the dark? 13. Do you tend to NOT be surprised or scared by the typical sudden loud noise in a movie or things like that because you sensed it coming? 14. Do you tend to react to things like catching a falling object or other normally unexpected things at an almost psychic speed? (As if you were expecting it to happen) 15. Are you sensitive to light or the heat from it? (Ranging from getting a bad headache from the glare to burning very easily.) 16. If, while your skin is white from lack of enough blood in you, do you bleed quite noticeably less than a person normally should, or more likely not bleed at all? 17. Are your nails clear like glass, yet very strong? 18. Is your bedroom the coldest and darkest room in the house? 19. How often do you look at the person that almost bumped (or bumped) into you and think "you idiot” or “people are so stupid" because they didn't know you were only a couple feet away from them, because you always know when someone is that close to you? (Which, when you think about it, you only know because you can sense when someone is that close to you). 20. Do you always feel a strong urge to travel? 21. How often does something smell so strong that you can literally taste it, whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing? (NOTE: When most people say it smells so strong that they can taste it they only say it as a figure of speech. And the people that agree with you when you say it rarely can taste it. Think I'm wrong? Ask them yourself!) 22. Can you hear a whisper from across a room? 23. Do the words "come on outside, it's a nice bright sunny day, and there’s a lot of people out," seem more like a bad thing than a good thing to you, as opposed to the guy who said it to you, saying it with a big happy smile? 24. Does sunlight/bright light in general hurt your eyes and head, in most cases to the point of a migraine? 26. Do electrical appliances generally tend to hate you? (Watches mess up often, computers malfunction for no reason, etc.) 27. Do people usually either trust you completely or not trust you at all? 28. When you will things to happen do they usually happen? So, if you said yes to at least 15 of these, your a vampire! Congratulations!

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Apr 09, 2020
You are human. Vampires are not physical beings.

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