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Do not confuse the Ancient craft of Sorcery with Witchcraft They are two completely different schools of magic

Webster's definition of Sorcery is "the art of summoning Demons".

How untrue.

Sorcery is not about Demons, it is about communication with the dead. This does not mean you raise the dead (see necromancy!) Sorcery made it's English appearance in the 14th century in reference to Astrology, and other divination arts. It was widely unknown to the masses as it required literacy, education, privacy and leisure to accommodate the lengthy rituals and incantations needed for the craft. Witchcraft at the time was more a Botanical path (herb lore, medicinal, stories based in folklore) where as Sorcery was classed as High Magic.

During recent years the understanding of the differences between Sorcery and Witchcraft have become confused. Both paths practice Magic but their respective paths are different as are those who walk the paths. Where Witchcraft tends to be a spiritual and nature aligned path, Sorcery is about the material, the understanding and manipulation of energies to control the Power of the Universe and put it at your command.

Sorcery is a different type of Magic to Witchcraft. Sorcery is about Power. Sorcery is the manipulation of energies in the material plane around you. The practice is simple and to the point, acting on the material world around you, Sorcery is quick and does not care what is in its path, you ask and you get. Not being bound by the strong ethics of most other religions, Sorcery needs a lot more care and understanding as you are dealing with strong magic with direct results.

Sorcery focuses on getting results on the material plane, in a quick fashion and it cares not for what's in its path. It is about focusing the power of the mind and desires of the practitioner. The focus of a Sorcery is more material than spiritual, focusing on the desires of now, not the ascendance of the Spirit as it is assumed they are a Spiritual being already.

Sorcery is not about power trips, it is about balance and understanding. For most this path offers more freedom and nice restrictions to use their full potential. Sorcerers do not stand apart from higher beings as they already consider themselves equals. They balance their own destiny, if they feel someone needs healing then they will heal but equally if they feel someone needs hexing, they would do whatever is necessary to perform the hexing ritual.

Sorcerers are masters at curses and hexes. Sorcerers consider using a curse or hex as a tool. without worrying about the constraint of, a curse can be a very effective implement when inflected with the correct anger and emotion. For this to be truly effective it must be stressed that caster must avoid any feelings of guilt of any sorts (if you have any doubt about managing it. Do not curse or hex) the curse or hex must be exact. Leave nothing out and nothing to chance. Be patient when drafting ensuring every part does not contain any doubt of meaning. When you are ready to cast make sure you're in a calm, quiet environment and you will not be disturbed. After you have completed the cursing destroyed every remnant you have regarding it and then forget about it. Totally. Once again ensure that there is no feelings of guilt.

In this practice it again comes down to balance and the mindset of the sorcerer. No sorcerer was ever act without firstly thoroughly examining situation and also performing divination. Hexing is not evil. It is a neutral act performed by a practitioner of the Arts. This is one of the reasons certain souls are drawn to the path of sorcery. It gives them a way to learn about themselves in a way most other paths deny. By not being constrained by rules they discover not only more about themselves, they are able to learn and involve much more than their counterparts

Even though Sorcery contains elements from many Pagan paths including Witchcraft, Wicca, Shamanism etc it is not Ceremonial Magic but a higher sense of Understanding of the Cosmos. For this reason Sorcery is dangerous in that it is potent, limited only by the practitioner's own limitations of their own mind.

The Sorceress establishes a personal system of philosophy as their core belief system which is suited to their own belief. It can include, pantheism, Taoism, Buddhism or any other path that the Sorceress feels at one with. Where as Wicca has the Rede of do not harm another, a Sorceress takes a different view - the universal golden rule of "Do unto others as they have done unto you." As such Sorcerers do not believe in the eastern construct of Karma and have no set code of conduct as it has a dangerous consequence of it can possibility limit and interfere with the power of the practitioners mind and confidence.

Most sorcerers do not preach ethics or philosophy but this does not mean they are indiscriminate in magic nor does it mean that to be a sorcerer you must be uncaring.

Day-to-day sorcery is more concerned with the hear and now using magical practices that can alleviate distress of day-to-day living.

High Magic For The Sorcerer or Mage

How magic is to effect change in reality through awareness and manifestation of unseen or cold powerful forces. This is not for the many, it is for the very few. On this path skeletons can come back to haunt you. To walk this path you must be well grounded with a good amount of imagination and intelligence. You must also be brutally honest with yourself as well as comfortable within your own skin. To most high magic. You will need to master meditation, divination, alchemy and potions, purifications and conjuration.

High magic is derived from the teachings of Hermes and is called Hermetic magic.

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