Finding Your Path

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Information on finding your path and sticking to it.

"Can you help me find my religion?"

It's a very common question. People are unsure of what path to take and how to find the information needed to make that decision. Almost everyone has been there and can sympathise, but choosing a path to follow is a very personal thing. This choice can only be made by the individual.

That being said, this is a guide on how to make that decision.

1. Decide what sort of things you are looking for in a religion. Does polytheism appeal to you? Do you believe in Faeries? Do you want a strict moral code, or are you hoping for something a bit more lenient? Figure out what things would be important for your religion to have, and keep those things in mind when you go on to the next step.


2. Research. Google lists of religions, and then Google the ones that seem interesting. Read a little about a lot--look into many different religions, and read a little bit about them, to get a feeling for the religion. When you find one that appeals, you're ready to move on to the next step.

3. Commit to your path. Be ready to read books, meditate, take notes, memorize the names of various deities, etc. Be prepared for the things that your religion calls for.

If you can't find a path that feels right to you, don't worry. There are people who combine two religions, or take bits from dozens of various traditions, or even practice things that no one else does. There are people who simply call themselves Pagan, and practice many different Neopagan beliefs. There are Wiccans who view the Triple Moon Goddess and Horned God as symbolic, and some who view them as real and literal. There are Witches who worship no deity, and view magick as their religion.

Point being, there are many options out there. It might be a bit of work, but you'll find what you're looking for.

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