Making a blood-pact with a tree

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How to make a deal or a pact with a tree:

Making a blood-pact with a tree, "How to make a deal or a pact with a tree: "You can ask a tree for help; this is age-old magick, known within different cultures. "Preferably you should seek a powerful, long-lived tree, 'cause when the tree dies, the power of magic ebbs away. Find at least a fairly wild wood and seek there the right tree late in the evening. "Wander about without straying thoughts. You shall feel a harmonic stillness and at the same time be attentive and let yourself be led in a mystical way. Let it take its time, no slipshod piece of work. The right tree is the one you simple feel is right. "You sit down close to it, in close contact, and sink into peaceful harmony, be concerned about establishing a connection on the empathic level. "I have experiences which have given personal convincing proof that we humans can communicate with plants. "There is an interchange on the psionic level. It can be called telepathy or empathy, sympathy, affinity, or resonance. When the empathy is perfect you ask the tree for help, and explain carefully that you have no hostile intentions. If everything is right, you shall feel an established contact. It is a very peculiar feeling of not being alone, a clear impression of presence. "You don't only reach contact with the tree you have chosen but also, through its roots, connection with all the other trees nearby. Actually, if you make an alliance with a separate tree, you should get in addition power from the whole wood. No matter how alone you felt before in the darkness of the night, you are absolutely not alone any longer when you have established contact. It is a lovely feeling. "You bespeak the tree with words. The consciousness of the tree understands the meaning behind the words.You speak to an understanding friend, it is _just like that_. "The best is if you ask the tree to be its brother/sister "To give maximal strengthening to this you can uncover a piece of its root, and drip your own blood on the root. You offer thereby yourself in a very intimate way, actually a sacrifice of blood. "If it is a _very_ old tree, you can ask for becoming its child. "How can you explain the above in human terms? There is powers of spirits in everything. Everything is animated. The sheer physical relation between all individuals of both animal and vegetable kind is corresponded to an even closer relation on the unbounded spiritual level. "Behind the physical surface, as we perceive it, it is two unique spirits which interact on a deeper level. We humans are powers of spirits ourselves, bounded to our fleshy shape during our whole lifetime. "Is this spirit of power in the bodies of humans higher or lower than that in trees? "So you shall not think, 'cause that is only human values. "When you ask a tree for help, this mustn't be understood as one higher species asking a lower for help. A true magician cannot think so. It is instead an interaction with two equal species. It is a matter of cooperation and communication, an interchange, with giving and taking. "When you offer a sacrifice to a tree, it must _not_ be a bribe with the meaning: "I give to get." The sacrifice shall be a gift without demand for service in return. Fundamentally, it shall always be devotion, to offer yourself, so it is the the highest of sacrifices. If you understand this, the powers of magic will move freely

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