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This is a long list of Greek deities and what each deity resides over.

Zeus--God of Other Gods, Sky, Storms

Aphrodite--Goddess of Love

Apollo--God of Music, Poetry, Medicine, Health

Hephaestus--God of Smiths, Fire, Metal

Dionysus--God of Wine, Grapes, Parties, Transsexuality, Intersexuality

Artemis--Goddess of the Hunt, Animals

Hera--Goddess of Children, Motherhood

Demeter--Goddess of Agriculture, Harvest

Hades--God of the Underworld

Athena--Goddess of Wisdom

Hermes--God of Messages

Hestia--Goddes of Hearth, Bread

Chronos--God of Time (not Cronus, the Titan)

Erebus--God of Darkness, Shadow

Hypnos--God of Sleep

Poseiden--God of Ocean, Sea, Water

Ares--God of War, Bloodshed

Hecate--Goddess of Magick, Witchcraft, Moon, Crossroads

Persephone--Goddess of Spring

Aether--God of the Upper Atmosphere, Light

Ananke--Goddess of Inevitability, Impulsiveness

Chaos--Deity of Nothingness, Void (some consider Chaos to be genderless, while some consider them to be female)

Nemis--Goddess of Revenge

Moros--God of Doom, Fate

Phanes--God of Procreation

Tartarus--God of the Tartarean Pit (deepest part of the Underworld)

Pontus--God of Sea Creatures

Hemera--Goddess of Day

Nyx--Goddess of Night

Anteros--God of Unrequited Love

Hedylogos--Good of Sweet Talk, Flirting, Flattery

Himeros--God of Lust

Hymen--God of Marriage

Eros--God of Lust, All Love, (sometimes) Homosexuality, Pansexuality

Hermaphroditus--God of Androgyny, Intersexuality

Nike--Goddess of Victory

Thanatos--God of Peaceful Death

Ker--God of Painful Death

Morpheus--God of Dreams

Hebe--Goddess of Youth

Harmonia--Goddess of Harmony

Iris--Goddess of Rainbows

Eileithyia--Goddess of Childbirth

Enyalius--God of War

Harpocrates--God of Silence

Ichnaea--Goddess of Tracking

Iynx--Goddess of the Love Charm

Pan--God of Shepherds, Fertility

Priapus--God of Fertile Gardens

Plutus--God of Wealth

Asclepius--God of Healing

Astraea--Goddess of Justice

Triptolemus--God of Farming

Aglaea--Goddess of Beauty

Euphrosyne--Goddess of Happiness, Mirth

Thalia--Goddess of Festivity, Banquets

Hegemone--Goddess of Blossoming Fruit

Antheia--Goddess of Flowers

Pasithea--Goddess of Rest

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