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Rose Petals and Rose Hips and Bamboo Leaves both have similar health qualities. It's better to buy pre-made tea because some species of bamboos aren't edible.

Steps to Making the Tea:

1) Boil water.

2) Put one tea bag of each in the water after you've poured a cup for yourself. Do not use more than one each and do not drink more than two cups of this as it may cause diarrhea several hours later if you have too much.

3) Drink and enjoy. It tastes pretty good too. I recommend Siberian Rose Tea, it's the best.

Science Behind the Rose Tea:

One cup of fresh rose hips has the equivalent amount of vitamin C in 60 oranges. The reasons for the diuretic effects of the roses are they contain Vitamin C, pectin, malic and citric acids. Here are ten health benefits rose tea is known for:

1) It clears toxins and heat from the body. As a result it has a cooling effect on the body.

2) It can relieve from sore throat, runny nose and blocked bronchial tubes.

3) It is useful to people those prone to chest problems by fighting against infections.

4) Rose tea helps to fight the infection in the digestive tract and re-establish the normal bacterial population of the intestines.

5) It relieves fluid retention and hastens the elimination of wastes through kidneys.

6) It is a wonderful remedy for dysentery, diarrhea and gastro enteritis.

7) It is a laxative. It works as a remedy for all liver problems including sluggishness and constipation. [ding, ding, ding? the bells are going off!]

8) It cleanses the liver and gall bladder and promotes bile flow.

9) Rose petal tea can be used to relieve uterine congestion causing pain and heavy periods. It is an excellent remedy for irregular periods and infertility.

10) It has an uplifting effect on the nervous system and can relieve insomnia, depression and fatigue.

Too much Vitamin C CAN AND WILL CAUSE DIARRHEA SO DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Don't overdose. (However, if you do, it's okay. It's not deadly at all, will just be immensely bothersome to be stuck on the toilet for hours.)

For a reference on rose tea benefits:

Science Behind the Bamboo Tea:

In general, bamboo is considered cooling, calming, and phlegm resolving. A lot of the edible species of bamboo helps with fevers, convulsions, vomiting, bleeding due to heat, coughs, loss of consciousness, fidgeting, urinary retention with blood in the urine, lung inflamation, abdominal distention, insomnia, restlessness, blurred vision, copious sputum, irritability, shortness of breath, wheezing, skin rash, and nasal congestion. The majority of these bamboos are sweet in flavor, so it goes down easy.

For a reference on which bamboos to use for what, check out this article:

Obviously, I couldn't list ALL the benefits of these teas, however I managed to list a good majority of them. It's suggested not to drink this if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Combining these two teas has done wonders for me with no permanent side effects other than the diarrhea (NOT FUN) and it tastes very nice and sweet. Not bitter like some medicinal teas I've tried. If you experience any other side effects or run into any problems, let me know and if it's severe, see a doctor. Again, some types of bamboos are not edible so be careful when choosing what to put in your tea.

Personally, I've been using Siberian rose petals and Black Bamboo leaves, but there's endless combinations to try and I certainly haven't tried them all so try what you'd like and message me results!

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