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Name: ImStillMe
Birthday: May 12 1995
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"The piano is a monster that screams when you touch it's teeth." ~Andres Segovia ______________________________________________________________________ My nickname is Lyn. I have the largest collection of sea shells known to mankind, I keep it scattered across beaches around the world. Maybe you've seen parts of it. I love animals and people alike, although I'm extremely shy and will most likely never be the first to message someone. If I do, consider yourself one of the lucky few. I always respond to messages though. :3 So send me mail! I have kik but I don't give it out to just anybody. If I get to know you and like you on here, then maybe we'll see about messaging on kik. Otherwise, I'm keeping all of my info private. Feel free to ask about me if you're curious but I can't guarantee a serious answer. ~ Empath ~ Cambion ~ Archangel Tarot Cards ~ Particularly great at healing/curative spells and sex spells (although I will not perform spells for just anyone so do not ask me to) ~ Extremely Intuitive ~ I have premonitions in dream form but not about myself ~ If I talk with someone enough without knowing what they look like, I will form a picture in my head of what they look like and turn out to be correct. Not sure if this is a psychic ability or not but it's pretty cool in my opinion ~ Taurus ~ My spirit animals are the Raven and the Fox ~ My element is Earth, however I enjoy working with all elements equally ______________________________________________________________________ My favorite band, check them out: The leader, James, is super nice and actually responds to tweets and tumblr messages!