Love Spell

Here's a spell I learned from to get love.

On a new moon (preferably in Libra), create a peaceful space for yourself where you will not be disturbed. Bathe, and put on a clean garment which makes you feel beautiful and happy, or go skyclad (naked). You will need a lovely piece of fabric or scarf with colours and patterns which put you in mind of love. At your altar, light some rose incense, and a pink candle. Now place two chalices, or wine glasses, on your alter and fill them with wine (or whatever libation you prefer.) Offer them to the Lady and the Lord and welcome them to your altar, ask that they bless your spell with the energy of their sacred marriage. Lay your scarf out, and now you are going to place certain objects on to the scarf: Draw Two hearts on some red or pink paper and cut them out. "My heart is not alone, I welcome another heart into my life, to cherish and share True Love." Some roses and lavender, fresh or dried (as in pot pourri.) You might like to add some other flowers, such as jasmine or irises, which make you think of love. Some sugar, for sweetness, some rice and nutmeg, for fidelity and some chilli for passion. A ring, for a marriage (it doesn't have to be expensive or valuable), or some copper coins. A piece of pink or red paper on which you have written what sort of person/relationship you are looking for (remember not to bind anothers will, no names!) Sprinkle some rose or jasmine oil over the scarf. Gather the edges of your scarf up and tie together in a little bundle with some red or pink ribbon. As you tie, chant: "May the Lady and the Lord Bless this amulet That my heart may find another To share True Love with Sweetness, fidelity and passion. Around and around I bind this spell (As you are tying the ribbon.) With this ribbon I tie it well That the true love I do see Will not fail to come to me!" Thank the Lady and the Lord for their presence, and visualise yourself sharing the wine with a lover. take a sip of the wine and bless yourself. Afterwards you can pour the wine onto the earth in the garden, or maybe a pot plant. Now, place your amulet under your mattress, and forget about it! It will do it's work.

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