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This isn't actually mine, I'm just helping to share this ritual for those that need it. This is basically a ritual to cleanse your magick space.

For this ritual to cleanse your magick space, you will need:

A broom

A silver candle

A white candle

A chalice with charged water

A small bowl of earth

4 element candles (red, blue, brown, yellow)

Incense (sage)

1. Gather all the items and place on the altar, cover with a black cloth until you are ready to use them.

2. Choose the date and time for the ritual to be performed. (Use an astrological calendar or pick the date of the next New Moon.)

3. Clean the area that is to be cleansed thoroughly. (Wash all walls, floors etc.)

4. Take a shower or bath with scented oils, envision all debris being washed from your body and allow a feeling of complete clean to come over you.

5. Once you are ready to begin, place the element candles in position in the appropriate compass points. (East yellow, South red, West blue, North brown.) Then place the silver candle on the altar.

6. Stand before your altar, breathe deeply and light the white candle.

7. Circle the room in a clockwise direction lighting the element candles.

8. Pick up your broom and sweep the circle as you walk inside clockwise and say:

Sweep, sweep, sweep this place

By powers of Air, I cleanse this space

Close your eyes and feel the element of air move within the circle. Return to the altar, pick up the silver candle. Use your white candle to light it, then walk around the circle clockwise and say:

Light, light I light this space

By the powers of Fire, I cleanse this place

Concentrate on fire energy flowing around the circle. Return to the altar and pick up the chalice of holy water. As you walk clockwise round the circle, sprinkle the water with the fingers of your right hand and say:

Liquid, liquid I wash this place

By powers of Water I cleanse this space

Feel the element of water flow in a clockwise direction around the circle. Return to the altar and pick up the bowl of earth. Walk clockwise around the circle, sprinkle the earth and say:

Dirt, dirt as I walk this place

By powers of earth I cleanse this space

Feel the element of earth bringing gifts to the circle. Return the bowl of earth to the altar and move to the centre of the circle. In the Goddess position say:

I now direct the energy of the Universe to forever fill and bless this place.

Feel the energy from your body meld with that of the universe. When the energy begins to dissipate, turn back to the altar lay your hands upon it and say:

This altar is dedicated to the Lord and Lady of Light.

May it serve me well.

If you will not be cleansing any tools you will end the ritual here by thanking the God and Goddess and the elements for their participation in the ritual.

Then ground the energy that you have raised by putting your palms to the floor and feeling the sensation being drained to Earth Mother.

Then raise your right hand over your head in a counter-clockwise motion, circle it around the room and say:

The circle is open, may it never be broken!

I hope this has helped anyone that's looking for such a ritual. A reminder that I did not make this ritual, but I am merely sharing it for the people who need it.

)O( Blessed be

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