House Blessings

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This ritual can be operated anytime of the day or night. It is the strongest at full moon


Please remove negative and unnecessary forces from this house. And make this place a special place. Please bless this home in which we stay. And fill this hearts that enter it with love.May all who pass through this door be blessed. And let it be done that it harm no one.

Added to on Sep 17, 2015
Last edited on Jul 11, 2019
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Nov 22, 2020
dose that really work, nothing more needed to be done?

Nov 22, 2020
and how do you know it work?

Nov 23, 2020
I would add to it. [if you said this after a cleansing for example] But it could be as simple as focusing your energy and saying these words. You should feel a sense of peace afterwards. As the days go on, your home should feel safe and cozy.

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