Casters of The 21 Century, part one

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Why bother with finding the perfect spell, newbies, read quickly!

  • Know your stuff: Don't ask novice questions. You have sources.Here they are.
  • Love spells are fake. Want true love? Use a spell to find them.
  • You cannot change your true shape. You can enter another body. Not change yours.
  • If a being does not exist, I.e. werewolf, pugacorn, etc, you cannot become one. Like, you can't see them or communicate by thoughts if they don't exist. Sorry.
  • Dream spells always go wrong. Use rituals, not simple spells. A demon could enter. You could have a nightmare.Or worse.
  • Don't bring back a dead one. Leave them be where they are now- don't disturb them. Let them be.
  • People cannot see fairies. Fairies are dead children. They don't have wings or dust. They are spirits, so don't invoke them. Spirits are meant to be left alone. Period. 


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