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This is a small dictionary on mermaid language! if you are trying to learn more about mermaids this is what you should look at!

Aagiaag Rain, heavy (droplets splash off the water?s surface)

Aagii Rain (thing that makes pockmarks on the water?s surface)

Aah-teeree Forest (?all tree? ? obviously from the Tharian)

Aasuuh Water, dirty or polluted

Affehoo Bored (restless, making random loud sounds)

Ah~ee Hurts! (an imprecation or exclamation like the human ?ouch!?)

Alassi Water (multi-purpose word ? ?wave?, ?home?)

Alassi Wave (also means ?water? or ?home?)

Alassi Home (literally ?water? or ?wave?)

Apupua Froth (sea-spume, small bubbles)

Baabah Bubble

Baovveche Merfolk, Merperson

Bavverissi Baveras, Goddess of the Sea

Bett Bad (human term which mer may not fully understand)

Bett~wuutaah Freshwater (which merfolk cannot tolerate for long - Tharian)

Bi (?bee?) Is (multipurpose word for ?to be?, ?to have?, ?to be with?, etc?)

Bi (?bee?) Are

Bi (?bee?) Has

Bi (?bee?) Have

Bi (?bee?) With (together, possessing)

Bllusu Fish eggs (spawn, caviar, etc.)

Buuhchii Water, about 20 peds deep or 10 spandar

Caatuu Water, good for breeding in (by any animal including mer)

Ccuuoo Wave (a curling wave that creates a tunnel)

Chaachiioh Water, disturbed or troubled by currents or weather

Chaaihoom Sky-worm (type of dragon)

Chaaishiihuur Sky-swimmer (flying dragon)

Chahho Playful ( jumping, twirling, splashing excessively)

Cheehuuii Sea-weed

Cheeoo Seal

Chi (?chai?) Ahead (preposition of motion, used when swimming)

Chii (?chee?) Sea (any open salt water deeper than 20 peds)

Chuu-ffeenii Sea-horse

Chuun Hunger (narrowed eyes, active hunting of food)

Ciipaa Rock wall or precipice underwater

Cuua Tide (the movement, sound, smell, and sight of it, holistically)

Daahuu Amused ( calmness with interest)

Daashu Dancer

Deeragoh Dragon (general human term)

Dehffoo Sad ( downturned face, reluctance to communicate)

Dehiifaa Unknown (word describing behaviour/emotion ? characterized by lashing out at inanimate objects or other living things

Dehooffa Confidence? ( characterized by smiles and slight aggression)

Echrassa Sun (also used for ?fire?)

Echrassa Fire (literally, ?sun?)

Echundra Volcano

Eeas Yes (from the Tharian)

Eenii Water, rich in fish (either in the present, future, or past)

Faaraarii Family

Feen Fin

Feenhoom Fin-worm (sea dragon)

Feenwaa Water, troubled or churned up by a group of fish

Fees Fish (the generic human word ? mer have many species words)

Ffa We (plural pronoun, used to refer to oneself as well)

Ffa Us

Ffa Our (possessive pronoun)

Ffa Ours (possessive pronoun)

Ffa I (actually translates as ?we? - mer do not use the singular form)

Ffeechuvo Dolphune

Ffehpaah Sandy, smooth seafloor (preferred by merfolk)

Ffewuu Happy ( playful, fidgety)

Fffeechii Nervousness? (flailing of limbs and tail while in water)

Ffuegane Person, sentient being

Ffuen Ripple (any movement on smooth water?s surface)

Ffuuhii Excited ( fidgety, quick movements)

Fuuacho Water, too cold for mer to swim in

Gahfooruu Anger ( upturned face, fast movement, very aggressive behavior)

Gahooraa Jealousy? (aggressive behavior to a mer in possession of a desirable item)

Gahuuii Rage? (uncontrollable, violent behavior)

Ghaajii Beneath (to be submerged, below water)

Ghood Good (human term which mer may not fully understand)

Ghoontuh Rocky, irregular seafloor

Haaih (?hay-uh?) Healthy, well (pronounced as a contented sigh)

Haanii Somber? (laziness, blank expression, seclusion)

Haarduuh Hard

Haarii Sandy, smooth seafloor with a lot of seaweed

Haashilu Tryster (the oyster?s more flavourful cousin)

Heehii Determination (direct action, refusing to change course)

Heh (quick grunt) Yes (affirmative, agreement, in Old Mer)

Hekk Up (preposition of motion, used when swimming or moving)

Hhoole Wind

Hhu~hng Heart ( primary emotional state, character or personality)

Hhu-huu Hot (pronounced as two sharp pants of breath)

Hngukk Dead

Hnguloo Alive

Hnn-kii Hungry (from the human tongue, to desire food)

Hss-tii Thirsty (from the human tongue, to require bad-water)

Huaool Whale (general human term. Mer refuse to name them)

Hurrff Rock (above or below water)

Huuaae Wave (single breaker of water)

Huu-iik Sick (mimicking the sound of vomiting?)

Huumuu Depression ( similar to ?haanii?, more noticeable and taken seriously by the mer)

Hwuu Cheerful ( similar to ?ffewuu? movements but more calm)

Hyuuman Human

Jeech Hot (generally, as in weather or food, but not in water)

Jiiii Cold (pronounced as a shudder of breath forced through teeth)

Kiinaa Shallows (good for sunning merfolk but poor for boats)

Kiinaagii Reflection (the sun off the surface of the water)

Kiini Bright ( blindingly bright or very hot)

Kiini~beeah Alcohol (any strong drink, particularly beer, which they dislike)

Koohur Color

Kraah Crab

Liiffoo Surprise (shocked look, upturned face, quick reaction)

Lla Female

Lla She

Lla Her

Lla Hers

Lle (?lay?) It (pronoun for any non-sentient but animate creature)

Lleehada Land

Lli (?lee?) Male

Lli He

Lli Him

Lli His

Llii Feeling (the word which signifies emotion, or attitude)

Llinoo Whirlpool

Llo Neuter (third gender of the merfolk)

Llo It (third gender pronoun of the merfolk)

Llo Its (third gender possessive pronoun of the merfolk)

Maakeeffaa Water, pretty or attractive

Maaroo Water, warm on the surface but cool beneath

Maasoo Water, surface warm but berg-cold beneath

Mchuuk Oyster

Meessuk Coral (dead)

Meesuloo Coral (living)

Meetamaa Water, evenly warm in temperature

Mhaawhoo Change (verb)

Mmawtt Down (preposition of motion, used when swimming or moving)

Oosoyyo Without (multi-purpose: not existing, not having, not knowing)

Oosoyyo Knowing not (?don?t know? ? multi-purpose word)

Oosoyyo Having not (multi-purpose word ?don?t have/don?t know/isn?t?)

Oosoyyo Is not (without existence ? multi-purpose word)

Oowii Hungry (wanting food, wanting sex, wanting attention)

P?chaaoo Freshwater (which merfolk cannot tolerate for long ? Old Mer)

Paaepooh~paash City (?people-place?, obviously a quasi-Tharian construction)

Paaepoohss People (humans)

Paaffoo Enamored? ( staring, playfulness, touching)

Rroo~er Roar

Ruunii Water, surface cool, luke-warm currents

Ruutaroo Water, evenly cool in temperature

Saahd Sand

Saahem Water, 7 peds deep, optimum for mer

Scaahoo Scale

Shaahii Frustration ( flailing, downturned face, outbursts of anger)

Shaavoh Silver-coloured

Silffin Swordwhale ( Baveras? steed)

Sooroo Water, surface cool, colder beneath, barely tolerable

Ss (sibilant hiss) Many (from the Tharian plural ? added to nouns or pronouns)

Ssheep Ship (obviously a human term)

Sshiiji Tired (slow movements, drowsy appearance)

Sshuuka Wave ( a sharp, peaked wave that collapses before the shore

Sshuurii Sulkiness / Laziness ? (refusing to do anything, including swim)

Ssturm Storm (a human term. Mer do not seem to mind weather)

Taafoowii Love ? (similar to ?paaffoo? but more intense)

Taahi Tide

Tehmoo Water, around 13 peds deep, traveling depth

Toh No (from the Tharian)

Toh~chii Desert (?no sea?, from the Tharian)

Ttheeni Moon (also used for ?ice?)

Ttheeni Ice (literally, ?moon?)

Uhff (a quick grunt) It (pronoun for any inanimate object or thing)

Uk-uk (throaty cough) Many (Old Mer plural ? added to nouns or pronouns)

Ukuk~ffeechuvo Dolpholk

Ungh (quick grunt) No (refusal, disagreement, in Old Mer)

Uuniigo Dried-up (once covered with water, but no longer)

Uuriigo Fear (quick movements, loud voice, downturned face)

Vvundra Earth (the underwater embankments that form the roots of islands and continents)

Woolbul In (to be inside, surrounded by, covered)

Wwiigoo Rock shelf underwater (good for mer but bad for boats)

Yeeni Cold (generally, as in weather or food, but not in water)

Yyt (?yeet?) Food (any edible plant or creature the mer consider non-sentient)

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Dec 13, 2019
I would like to know the source of this information. Is this made up by the author? Personal experience? Ancient documentation? Well known in the sea witchcraft community?

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