Protection against evil potion

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After brewing this potion, any day you chose to drink it you will be protected from evil.

You will need:

A small onion

A small mushroom

Red cabbage

Strawberry tea

Saw palmetto berries

Lotus root

Juniper berries

Witch root (Agropyron repens)

A small pot

A chalice

A funnel

A small sieve


Motar and pestle


Put the two saw pallmetto berries, five juniper berries and quarter of a small lotus root into the motar and pestle and grind them until the berries are crushed

On a choping board mince the mushroom, a small protion of the red cabbage and quarter of the onion

Place half a cup of water on the stove in the pot and start on high heat

Add 3/4 of a teaspoon of salt into the water and stir until dissolved

Add mushroom, cabbage and onion to the pot and stir

Now add the ingredients out of the motar and pestle

Rip open a sachet of strawberry tea and pour in the tea part

Stir for 1-2 minutes and the mixture should have turned red

Now place the funnel in the chalice and the sieve in the funnel

Pour the pots mixture into the sieveinto the funnel into the chalice

Now reapeat these words about four times:

In this time and in this hour

I call upon the ancient power

To bless this potion and not to give way

To the evil that lurks when it's drunk that day.

Wait till the potion has turned cold and you may drink it any moring you chose

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