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This is help/how to for wild magic. Its something I think would be interesting to teach.

I would like to first explain what wild magic is. Wild magic in reality is just magic that comes directly from the soul. Its a deep magic that comes from the earliest forms of humankind. Its believed it was the first magic. Its a magic to promote change in your life and it can get a little "wild". What you'll need is a calm environment. Its good to be as comfy as possible. Its really good if you do it outside with a warm fire by you. Now I recommend music because this involves dancing. Work your way up practice practice practice. Now visualize a symbol. A symbol close to you fills you with joy and focus on it. Now if done properly you should feel something. Something primal that comes from your spirit. It wants you to use it. Now dance with this feeling while you visualize the symbol let it fill you with energy and release and repeat the process. Let the magic come out of you and into the world! Feel the world be one with you until you cant dance anymore. Let yourself come back feeling refreshed and exhilarated. You have just felt wild magic. Practice makes perfect.

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