Energy Study Part 1-The Circles of Energy

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This is the theory of The Three Circles of Energy.

I will explain this theory with a concrete example so that everyone will understand. The First Energy Circle Imagine you are in a pub. In front of you there is one person sitting at a table. This person has it's own energy. Imagine that this person's energy has a colour, let's say blue. That is the first energy circle. Each and everyone of us has its own energy within us, and we use this energy to think, to speak to ourselves, to imagine, to create in our minds what we want to create. This energy comes from within and stays within us, and it's called Ego Energy. The Second Energy Circle While you look at this person, you decide to go and speak to him/her. You have a sit right next to them and start chatting. Let's imagine your energy is yellow. Now in you there is a yellow energy, in that person there is a blue energy. Between you, it will appear the second circle of energy which is called Sumation Energy. Imagine that the second circle will be green. Because it will contain energy from both sides. If you may put more energy in that circle than the other person, it will appear a lighter colour, or in the opposite case, a darker colour. The Third Energy Circle While you chat with this person who was siting at the table in front of you, imagine another person with a red energy also engaged in your conversation. Now your second circle expanded and its colour will be brown. But none of you three will notice the brown. While you three chat, another person will enter in the pub and will sit at the opposite side of you three. This person who is not engaged with you three at all will notice the Third Energy Circle, Congregate Energy. It is what you send outside. Now replace all the colours mentioned above with emotions, feelings and ideas that we all have and you will understand The Principle of The Three Circles of Energy. If you have questions, I am here for you:) Next I will talk about absorbing and sending energy, about "running low" on your energy, and about converting energies from each circle.

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