Them/us predator dichotomy

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There is an enormous difference between a spiritual predator and a non spiritual one. The below give a good distinction. I may be the only one that sees it this way, but I believe others should.

Them/us predator dichotomy

I've recently, come across predatory people. While this should not surprise anyone, there are different types of predators out there. I have recently found the need to distinguish between, Them predator, or Us predator setting a distinct dichotomy therein.

I would like to stress the importance of distinguishing the two forms only in the occult community, although I have made an era or two when dealing with non occult members, hence why I say to be careful as non occult people shall look at you as though you have two heads.

A Them predator, refers to your typical every day pedophile, child molester and rapist that has no knowledge of occult arts or if he or she does is a pathetic excuse for a Practitioner based on his or failure to control or take responsibility for his or her (yes, there are female predators like this out there as well.) actions, for which even the darkest occult Practitioner would frown upon.

An Us predator, refers to a Practitioner that may take energy in some form, from willing or non willing people or from the environment around him or her. At times, the act can also include a Practitioner that may have a slave to carry out ones orders, but it is always linked to a meta or occult theory or philosophy. No Us predator, would harm a child or engage in any horrific acts.

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