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The Basics of Numerology

This Article is on the basics of Numerology and the calculating of the name number, and life path number :) Some consider numerology to be the easiest occult study as all you need is a person's full birth name and birth date.Numerology is the study of numbers relating to the universe.
Pythagoras reduced the universal numbers to 9 primary numbers. These numbers are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Therefore any number, no matter how high can be reduced to a single digit. Each number has specific occult values and is associated with one of the 9 planets. Each number also has specific characteristics and expressions.
Finding your Lifepath number (birth number).
A person can find their lifepath number by adding the numbers of their birth date. For example, I was born 1995-07-21, so I will say 1+9+9+5+7+2+1 = 34
Then I will say 3+4 = 7, so my lifepath number is 7. ( This step can be done repeatedly until a single digit number is reached.)The purpose is to bring down the number to a single digit by adding the digits together.
Simple Interpretation of lifepath number 
Each number has both positive and negative traits associated to them. Just as all good has evil, and all light has darkness. The male to the female, I could go on for days.
Number 1
Positive: strong leadership skills, independent, courageous, strong willed, determined.
Negative: Aggressive, dominating, impulsive, egotistic or overly assertive.
Number 2
Positive: Adaptable, considerate, sensitive, caring, modest, sincere, a diplomat, balanced, union.
Negative: Shy, timid, depressed, scared.
Number 3
Positive: Self-expressive, inspirational, keen imagination, artistic, optimistic, enjoys life, communication, interactive.
Negative: Scatteredness, exaggerates a lot, struggles to finish projects, moody, self-centered.
Number 4
Positive: Strong sense of values and order, steady, logical, pays attention to detail, good management skills, creation.
Negative: Lack of imagination, stubborn, can get too caught up in detail, argumentative, too serious.
Number 5
Positive: New ideas, quick tinker, versatile, action orientated, curious, adventurous, resourceful.
Negative: Restless, edgy, discontent, dissatisfaction, makes decisions too quickly, impatient.
Number 6
Positive: Responsible, artistic, nurturing, community orientated, sympathetic, humanitarian, unselfish, freely helps other.
Negative: Self-righteous, stubborn, dominating, meddling, egotistical, outspoken.
Number 7
Positive: seeker of knowledge, scientific and inventive, studious, meditating, charming, love of solitude, peaceful, perfectionist.
Negative: Hidden motives, overly reserved, sarcastic, isolated, overly upset over distractions, inflexible.
Number 8
Positive: Political skills, leader, works for a cause, achieving recognition,makes good judgments, decisive, commanding.
Negative: Workaholic, overly ambitious, not a humanitarian, mismanaging money, impatient, materialistic, stressed.
Number 9
Positive: Friendly, a humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, creative, influenced to do good, artistic, writing skills.
Negative: Scattered interests, moodiness, possessiveness, careless with finance, wants attention.
Numbers and their Planets:
1 Sun (Fire)
2 Moon (Water)
3 Jupiter (Fire)
4 Uranus (Air)
5 Mercury ( Air)
6 Venus (Earth)
7 Neptune (Water)
8 Saturn (Earth)
9 Mars (Fire)
Further explanation to values attached to numbers:
Letters: A,J,S
Number 1 is seen as the driving life force. People with this number are usually leaders. They are ambitious and extroverted. Always curious and exploring, while often times very impatient. Strong feelings for or against specific things. It is said that people with the letter 1 won't purposely hurt someone, but do since they don't know their own strength, nor do they censor their words. They love praise, and it often times spur them on to do great things.
Number 2 people are sensitive and domesticated. They tend to be very emotional and van easily be reduced to tears. However, they are very imaginative. They are introverts and tend to be fond of the home. Even though these people like their homes they don't mind changes too much, and tend to live close to water. Number 2 people are known for musical talents, linking to their imagination and are great psychics.
Letters: C,L,U
Number 3 includes the investigator, the scientist and the seeker. These people often have an interest in the material, rather than the spiritual. They like to know why and how things work. Their religions change frequently. Not very interested in money. Great sense of humor and very trusting.
Number 4 people are ahead of their time. therefore, sadly they are often seen and strange or eccentric. They are very drawn to the occult, psychic research, anything out of the ordinary. Very intuitive and can usually predict the outcome of the economy, people's actions, and business growth. These people also believe in liberty and equality. Very sarcastic, enough to get them punched by aggressive people.
Number 5 people are very active both physically and mentally. They love reading and researching, often times good with languages. Usually very organized and orderly, adapting simple systems to complete their work.Therefore we can say that they will make very good teachers, writers, secretaries, etc. Number 5 people also tend to make friends really quickly and easily.
Number 6 people are very gentle, refined, pleasant, friendly and sociable. They are natural peacemakers, they are able to soothe others, very motherly and nurturing. However, they often struggle financially. Excellent hosts and housewives.
Number 7 people are considered to have ESP. They are Extremely "psychic" Introverts. Number 7 people tend to know a great deal, but doesn't say much. They are mysterious beings. Knowledgeable in astrology, psychology, psychiatry, chemistry and botany. Also said to be knowledgeable in all fields of the occult. Inclined to take from those who have too much, and give to those who have none.
Number 8 people are generally cold and pessimistic. They lack a sense of humor, and don't care that they aren't funny. However, they are very successful where money is concerned, frequently connected to careers such as mining, real estate, law. They are slow to jump off, but usually reach the finish line before the rest. They work hand and believe it won't kill. They are also associated with cemeteries, pawnshops, and often are prepossessed with thought of the past, and nightmares.
Letters: I, R
Number 9 people are very jealous, impulsive, extremely suspicious of strangers. This is due to the fact that they are afraid of the unknown. They are very emotional, loyal, strong family values and background. Number 9 people are also associated with physical and mental illnesses.
How to find your name number?
The name number is the single digit number obtained from the numerical value of the letters within your name.
Letter and their numerical value:
1     2    3     4     5       6    7     8     9
A     B   C     D     E      F    G    H     I
J     K    L     M     N     O    P     Q    R
S    T    U     V     W     X    Y      Z
To determine your name number, substitute the letters within your full name, with the numerical values showed above. For example 
J a s m i n e    L e      R o u x
1+1+1+4+9+5+5+   3+5+     9+6+3+6 = 58 
Thus 5+8=13 
and 1+3=4
And so my name number is 4.
Now I know those of you who have read my work are wondering, wait a second "Your birth number is 7, but your name number is 4". And to that I reply "Exactly!"
Numerology is the reason why we take a new name when we start the craft. A name that is the same number as our lifepath number/birth number. This ensures balance in name and birth. 
Why does my name have to be the same number as my birth number?
Names change, addresses change, places change, but your date of birth will never change. That was the day you chose to enter the mortal realm. By acquiring a name that has the same number as your birth number, you are aligning yourself with your date of birth. You are aligning yourself to you. 
How do I go about choosing a new witch name?
Choosing a new witch name is no play in the park. It can take long and be very frustrating at times, but it needs to be done. 
First things first, determine and be completely sure about you lifepath/birth number. Then pick a name, which if you use the numerical value system above, it will give you the same number. 
Example: Say your name is Joey which is 1 in name number, but your lifepath/birth number is 6. You like the name Alex. Then Alex can work since Alex is also a 6 when determining a name number. Many witches choose a herb or a person/deity from mythology or legend as a witch name. You must feel that whatever name you choose is right for you. It doesn't help you take Alex, but you don't like the name Alex, or you feel that it doesn't suit you.
Often times a name you like may not be numerically correct, in such a case try a different name, change the spelling of your chosen name, or add a letter which would let it be equal to your birth number.
Note: Many religions and/or witches believe that no one but close family members or friends may know your witch name. This is based on the belief that someone who has your name, can cast a curse on you. I personally haven't told anyone except the Lord and Lady what my witch name is, even though I have plenty of active protection charms and spells keeping me safe. Other witches share their names with other witches or whoever wants to know. In the end its whether or not you feel that you want to tell others or not.
Primary Colors:
Secondary Colors:
1-Brown, Yellow, Gold
2-Green, Cream, White
3-Mauve, Violet, Liliac
4-Blue, Gray
5-Light shades of any color
6-All shades of Blue
7-Light shades of green and yellow
8-Dark Gray, Purple, Black
9-Red, Crimson, Pink
Advising using Numerology
Now remember in the beginning I said you need 2 numbers, namely the name number and the birth number. These are really important numbers, and if you can't work these out STOP! Go up to where my other work is and learn them. In fact if you do know how to calculate them, revise them!
Now lets look at me as an example. My birth number is 7. And 7 tells us that I'm:
Number 7:
Positive: seeker of knowledge, scientific and inventive, studious, meditating, charming, love of solitude, peaceful, perfectionist.
Negative: Hidden motives, overly reserved, sarcastic, isolated, overly upset over distractions, inflexible.
 (Derived from the top of the article)
So you know that I want a peaceful environment, I want solitude, and I should be able to obtain information from whereever I am. I also don't like change, and I'm very reserved. This means that If I tell you that I might consider moving, you know this is a big leap for me.  You know that, I won't move unless I absolutely had to. 
Thus when I ask you something like "When should I move?" You should be able to tell me that firstly I need to take things slow. I shouldn't rush into anything, as it will upset me, or it might be too stressful.
The second thing you will ask me is: "where are you moving to, and when are you moving?" 
I might reply with something like New York, on the 25th of April.
Now what you will do is, you will say 
N e w Y o r k is
The number 3, does not match with my number 7. So you will advise me, to perhaps look at other places, which when numerology is done, I get to 7.
Then I said 25/04/2014
So you will say 2+5+0+4+2+0+1+4=18
This doesn't match my birth number either, so this is not a good date to move.  What you then should do, is find a date, which is the same as my birth number. 
If you then say okay listen, this is a bad day to move, you should rather move on the 23rd, because 2+3+0+4+2+0+1+4=16 and 1+6=7
If you also look at my Primary and Secondary colors, you could even go as far as suggesting a color corresponding with my number for decoration :)
It is honestly as simple as that. It might be a little tricky when it comes to adding up, or finding a date, but in all honesty it won't get much worse than this.
Now I said my thanks to you, and on the 23rd I move into my new home, and everything is just dandy and I love it, so I  invite you for the house warming party. You are thrilled, but can't decide what to get me. So luckily you remember that ey, her birth number is 7. and number 7 people are usually interested in the occult
Number 7 people are considered to have ESP. They are Extremely "psychic" Introverts. Number 7 people tend to know a great deal, but doesn't say much. They are mysterious beings. Knowledgeable in astrology, psychology, psychiatry, chemistry and botany. Also said to be knowledgeable in all fields of the occult. Inclined to take from those who have too much, and give to those who have none." (Derived from top of this article)
Her Primary color is Violet, and her Secondary is Light shades of green and yellow.
So you could for example get me a book on astrology or psychology, and wrap it in a nice Violet covering-paper. Or you can get me something for the home, as we are very "Home-Natured"in either a Violet, or a light shade of green or yellow. 
You can do the same if you have a friend or a family member's birth number, and you are uncertain of what to get. It will most certainly be much appreciated, and it will narrow your shopping search :)
This will be all, where basic numerology is concerned. The only other part that is basic, is the creation of sigils using numeorlogy. However, I am not able to use visual aids so I can't explain that, sorry. 
Bucklands Complete Book of Withcraft - Raymond Buckland Michael McClain

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