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Solving problems using meditation by Valkryie_8

Meditation for Solving Problems

Mindful meditation as it's most often called is not only a good way to relax but it's also good to solve emotional problems and obsessions that are having a negative impact in your life. The way it works is that by relaxing you're able to focus and let go of any emotional attachment and allowing your rational mind to take over so you're able to logically review the situation and focus on the how's and why's, and to come up with a solution of solving it. Sometimes it may take 1 session to do this sucessfully or it may take as many as 5 or 10, however long it takes, it'll take. This is a personal method that I've developed and put to use in my life as I'm going through a stressful period currently and this helps me to rationlise what's happening instead of allowing emotions to take over.


How to Begin:
Begin by getting comfortable and in a quiet room, if it helps you light some relaxing incense and play some relaxing music. Start by exhaling deeply and inhaling deeply for as many times as you need to and work on relaxing your muscles one by one. Allow your mind to wander for a while if needs be, then bring your mind's attention to the issue you want to rationalise and hopefully solve during this meditation. Now remember this isn't a time where you want to get emotional, if you need to let your emotions out before or after this session then do so. Bring to attention the focus of the situation (make sure you know what it is that you want to contemplate on before you begin), ask yourself why you feel like this, are there any triggers that make you feel this way towards the situation/person, are there any logical reasons or is it purely emotion. What can you do to resolve this? Allow your mind to contemplate these questions for as long as necessary, if other emotions or problems arise throughout this situation put it aside for the next session.


During this session some people may like to pray to any personal deities for assistance/guidance or their ancestors, this is fine and sometimes answers can come from them.


Bringing Yourself Back Out of Meditation:
Slowly bring your focus back to reality, if you need to inhale deeply and exhale after a couple of times then do so. If you need to pray or give thanks to your Gods/esses/ancestors then do so. Do whatever you need to do to end this session.


Author: Valkryie_8
Sources: Personal experience.


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