Evil Vampyres

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This article is a critics review of the theory that Vampyres are "evil".

Evil Vampyres

Are Vampyre actually evil? They are no more evil or good for that matter than any other person in the world today. Can they be evil? Of course, but anyone has the potential to be evil. I have met Practitioners following the Vampyre path that were nice, some that weren’t and some that appeared to be delusional. Do you think the people that placed bombs at the marathon were evil? Did they claim to be Vampyres? What about the people involved in the September 11th terrorist attack? Would you label them evil? Did any allege to be Vampyres?

If you look into the psychology of what makes a person the way he or she is, you will find a great deal comes from a person’s upbringing. As stated in previous articles, it’s possible some Vampyres were abused as children and identify with Vampyrisim based on abuse. This theory can also extend to the OtherKin community in the Vampyre, demon and maybe wolf beliefs. If a child was raised being abused, do you not think the child would assume God hates him or her? Do you not think the child could view him or herself as being evil or worthless?

A person doesn’t have to be considered a Vampyre to be evil; human nature dictates all people have the ability to be both depending on how others view a situation. There are actually some people that make a conscious choice to be evil at times, for attention

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