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Basic info for beginner casters.

Planetary days, In addition to the times the moon and planets are in a specific phases and celestial correspondences, each day of the week has its own correspondence. Magic performed on cretin days will give more power to the spell in which you are casting.


The Sun has domain over all things that are of masculine nature. Sunday, was the day first assigned to the Sun deity, then to the son of a deity. Spells involving re-enforcing ones will, asserting one's self, general power, money, fortune, and strengthening things can be given power this day.


The Moon has domain over all things feminine in nature and Monday. The Moons energy can aid in stabilizing ones emotions, clairvoyance, caring for home and family as well as dream work. I did read once this was a time for cooking and merchandising, though I'm not sure where.


Mars has long been known as the God of war and holds domain over Tuesday. Magic involving conflict as well as defense can be performed at this time. Additionally, magic involving war, hunting, different types of contents were one wishes to win, political gains and courage can also be given strength to at this time.


Mercury holds domain over Wednesday. Spells employee to enhance one's thoughts, knowledge, reasoning, and communications skills or for self improvement/ empowerment can be given added power to on this day. It also appears spells regarding long distance communication as well as travel can be aided at this time.


Jupiter holds domain over Thursday. It is a good day for magic performed regarding luck, material gains and successes, honor, legal matters, ones desires, as well as matters involving health can all be performed with added power on Thursday.


Venus holds domain over Friday and has long been associated with love and romance. Spells involving influencing friendships, love, social activities, music and the arts, worldly pleasures, and other artistic ventures such as creating incense, perfume and makeup can all be given power too on Friday.


Saturday is ruled over by Saturn. Spells involving influencing wisdom, bindings, banishing, self-control, excelling in a matter, protection, destruction of diseases or pests (be it human or animal), liberation or freedom or involving the elderly can all be given power two at this time

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