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Definitions, beginners information, and facts on divination

What is divination?

Divination, Latin for "to foresee", is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of occult, standardized process or ritual.

Why didn't my reading come true?

Because the future is always changing. After school, you walk home the same way every day. One day, on a whim, you choose to cut through the park for whatever reason. You will still end up at your house, ut the journey their will change. Divination works the same way, simply doing the reading can be enough of a change that the future is different. This is why most fortune tellers give you a 'potential future' instead of the 'absolute future' it can change. Many people claim that unless there is a warning of danger, you should forget the reading or you may subconsciously effect the future.

Do I have to be psychic?

No. Psychic or clairvoyant abilities can help, but they aren't mandatory. When a person does a reading - be it tarot, skrying, pendulum or the like - the reader clears their mind and focuses on the question, as you would when you cast a spell. Meditate, clear your mind, then focus on the question. when you feel ready, begin the reading. Shuffle and cut the deck, gaze into the crystal ball, cast the bone into the fire and on. Psychic abilities simply makes this process easier.

What types are their to choose from?

there are hundreds of methods utilized by people for divination. The best method is the one that works for you. Research, if a method interests you, try it. the following is a small list of divination techniques:

  • Tarot Cards
  • Oracle Cards
  • Skrying
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Palmistry
  • I-Ching
  • Runes
  • Pendulum
  • Can I make my own?

    Indeed you can. A black mirror for example, is simply a mirror with the back painted. This way it is reflective, but the image is hard to see and visions are easier to see. A pendulum is a crystal suspended on a string. Tarot and Oracle cards are simply cards. Its the energy put into these items, and the connection to the higher self that helps us use these tools.


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