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This article is the basic definition of Satanism and part 1 of several sections.

General definition: Part 1

Similar to the use of the term Pagan, Satanism is an extremely broad term that many use as an umbrella term to describe a widely diverse group of people. (1) Satanisim can refer to a group of religions that usually stem from Europe that have dissimilar ideas, philosophies, expectations, and social interactions. (1,2) There is a shared consensus (among Christian and other eastern religions) that this group uses symbols associated with and or shows admiration for a deity being considered (by eastern religions) Satan or any similar ?liberating? figure. (1) Another definition of Satanism is either non-Christian (or Jew or Islam) or anti Christian. (3) In my opinion, the only true or non bias definition of Satanism is one that pays homage to Satan, hence the name Satanism. We call Christian?s Christian as they pay homage to Christ and we call Jehovah?s Jehovahs as they pay homage to Jehovah, why should the same not be said of Satanists.




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Jan 22, 2021
How can someone sell his soul

Jan 22, 2021
As far as I know, ''selling your soul to the devil'' is more of a myth or cliche then something you can actually do. I believe one can make temporary bargains with Satan, much like how one can make temporary bargains with any other deity or spirit (E.G offering a meal to, say, the moon goddess in return for wealth or any other type of luck), but the most popular deities, like God, Satan, the Moon Goddess, Lilith, and the like, are so busy with offerings that they can't be summoned (unlike spirits or elements, which are summoned for protection constantly); this is why many people pray to a deity instead of trying to summon them. Same works with Satan.

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