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This is my own way of making a special one of a kind container of fairy dust.

1. put in dry glitter [not glitter glue] of your favorite color 2. put something in that reflects you [leaves for nature] 3. put in a little bit of dirt 4. shake mixture 5. put in a tiny container 6.put on a necklace like a charm 7. show off your fairy dust to your friends good luck email me your results

Added to on Aug 25, 2014
Last edited on Apr 02, 2019
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Oct 03, 2019
Again with glitter. This can be a cute arts and craft for children, but this is not ''fairy dust''. If you choose to use glitter in your spells for a symbolic reason and it work for you, fine, but glitter does not automatically equal fairys.

Nov 06, 2021
then what should be used instead of glitter?

Nov 10, 2021
The fae do not like things that are harmful to the environment. Also, every species of fairy is different, some do not like shiny object or sweets, preferring meat instead. If you wish to use glitter, use biodegradable, ecofriendly glitter. You might also find confetti made from recycled paper that contains flower seeds. Just ensure these seeds are natural to your area. The real question is why are you making ''fairy dust'' and what is the purpose behind it? Is this a decoration to show off to friends as this article suggests? Then whatever is shiny and cute will work. Is this an item to offer to the fae you work with? Firstly, talk to them, or research the specific type of fairy to learn what they would like and use that. If this is meant to be a blessed mix to sprinkle on objects, I would make a sugar mix using coloured sugar sprinkles as well as herbs to bring your desired outcome. Cinnamon, nutmeg, powdered ginger, saffron, all of these items can be used to make a colourful and sweet mix you could sprinkle over most spells to enhance them as well as please fairys.

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