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Actually Demonkin, who are kind of demons trapped in a human's body...

Signs and Symptoms (keep in mind that I am a hybrid of some sort):

  • Personality Traits:passionate/temperamental,brutally honest,cynical,proud, having a strong sense for honor but also for freedom,moody (especially when disturbed by someone),loners (cannot really attach to someone), observers
  • Physical Traits: None really, except besides a cold, inhuman glare (I glare at people unintentionally sometimes), and a threataning aura.
  • They have to get used to sleeping/eating and other human actions (though, I sometimes feel faint, and I have to feed on energy)
  • Demonkin may have an affinity to a certain element. (Water, fire, lightning, ice) For example, as a child I loved to play with fire. The fire would always flare up (if it was a candle) or flicker if i put my hand near it.

Other Things:

This is mostly personal expirence. If you have any of the symptoms above, you are welcome to ask me, but remember: Even though I am human on the outside, I hate it, and I am very mistrustful of other humans. I may add other things to this...I don't know...


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Feb 18, 2020
I want to be cursed one please tell me the spell

Apr 12, 2020
Do you know of any small purple Dobbie like demons

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