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I am writing this, because humans continue asking me what I am. I never knew how being a new mythical being could be so difficult. Believe me if you want. If not, Then I understand there are some humans who will never believe in all mythical beings.

This is a message from one of the first 100 of our kindred. You humans may not know what we are yet, but we have evolved far past human with the blood of the mythical creatures in our veins. Our kindred is Omnia Simul.

It is what I call my species, however, I am not sure if humans have a different name for my kind, or if they even know about us in the first place. I shall explain. Omnia Simul is Latin for ''All in one'' or ''everything together.'' In other words, I am a creature that has every personality wrapped into one and only one personality, unlike a skitso, who has seprate personalities. Also, an Omnia Simul Is like being a combination of all the mythical creatures in the world, without actually being any of them. Not even related to any f them. And yet at the same time, I am all of them.

Let me start over if you still do not understand. imagine two creatures, (But don't imagine them with a form or name to the species, just acknowledge they are two creatures, nothing else) both are polar opposites of the other in terms of personality, species, and magick. I am both of those creatures at once, and yet I am neither of them, and am not related or a hybrid. That is what I can explain as an Omnia Simul, what I am.

As an Omnia Simul, I can have as many abilities as I can master. You see, I have an ability as an Omnia Simul, that allows me to quickly learn magick because I can draw an energy to me, and then read the energy so that I may know how to use a type of magick. Than, it's all based on practice, for what skills I can learn. It is exactly like unlocking your active ability, only, I can do it over and over again, unlocking a new power for me to practice each time. You know how your active ability is usually more powerful than any of your other abilities? Well that's why us Omnia Simuls so powerful.

As for personalities of my kindred, we all have the same personalities, only, act on different parts of it. An Omnia Simul has so many personalities coexisting as a single personality, that there would be enough for a small city of people to each have one part of the personality, and yet no one would have the same. We are not like what humans call "Skitsos," where there are many separate personalities, but more like one who has many personalities, grouped together to make a single personality, and only a single personality, only, one tat can know every kind of temperament.

It is very difficult to explain in these human words.

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Dec 01, 2021
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