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A way to send unwanted foreign energies to the Earth, and reconnect ourselves psychically to Earth.

I: Grounding serves two purposes

1: It helps us remain solidly connected to the visible world. Sometimes when we get really involved in psychic or magic stuff, we can become so aware of the spiritual that we lose touch with the material. I am not a witch, but I imagine this might not be as much of a problem for wiccans as other magical people because yo may work around trees and plants and whatnot, and these things are naturally grounding. But if you are working under a roof a lot, I suppose it would be as likely to cause problems as any path. The psychic spies trained by the US government struggled with this. They would get very distracted and spacey. So much so that the government (supposedly) dropped the program.

2: It removes foreign energies from our auras and environment. This is what may help with your current issue. Think of a lightning rod. It is a metal pole up above the roof, with a copper wire running down to Earth. Stray electricity naturally runs down the wire to the ground or Earth where it is rendered harmless.

Psychic grounding creates a lightning rod for psycho-spiritual energy so any energies not belonging to us to flow down a wire (a grounding cord) to the Earth, where it is rendered harmless, purified and recycled.

II Now on to technique.

1: Sit comfortably and take a moment to enter that relaxed state where you are aware of spirit. I assume you use some technique to get there - if not then mail me and I will do my best to help.

2: Visualize a big coil of colorful rope laying at your feet. Imagine it is thick and strong. Picture the rough surface and a few stay fibers sticking out. This rope could anchor a ship.

3: Now you will anchor the rope to your body. If you are aware of chakras, I suggest tying a not in one end of the rope and sticking it into your root chakra. See and feel that the rope is securely attached to your root chakra. If "root chakra" doesn't mean anything to you, you can attach it anywhere on your body and it will work. These things are really effective and easy to work with.

4: Next throw the other end down and see it fall all the way to the hot hot center of the Earth. It won't take long. Remember energetically we are able to move at the speed of thought, so there is no excessive time spent in the falling. When the cord reaches the center of the Earth, intend that your cord is attached firmly to the center of the Earth. Feel the solidity of you connection to Mother Earth. See the color of your grounding cord.

5: If you know how, see your aura. You may notice some areas where there is a patch of a different color. You may simply feel the foreign energies.

6: Intend and allow that any energy not originating with you begins to flow down the cord. This requires no force at all on your part. It's more like pulling the drain plug on a tub full of water. You own energy wants to stay with you, but the foreign energies will naturally flow down and through your cord like water down a drain or electricity through a wire to ground. Know and see that the energies flowing into the center of the Earth are being purified in the great heat there.

All impurities are being removed and the Earth is releasing pure clean energy to gradually return to circulation. But that energy does not come up your grounding cord; your grounding cord works in only one direction.

7: When you can see that all the energy left in your aura is really yours, and/or feel that you are free from the burden of unwanted energies, reach down and pull your grounding cord free from your root chakra or other anchor point. Give it a tug, and see it coming lose from the Earth and pulling up into a small ball in your hand. Then make it disappear. I like to toss it up in the air and see it explode. You could toss it and see if fade away if you prefer. Or dramatically turn into light and disappear. The main thing is, it must be destroyed; you can then make a new cord. You can quickly and quietly create a grounding cord anytime you need it - once you have done it a couple of times it is quick and easy.

This is not the only way, but I hope it helps some people. :)

I hope to give another ritual for grounding our surroundings.

Be Happy and well.

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