Meditation; Opening to the Spirit World and other forms of consiousness.

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Meditation is of many things we can relaxation center and many other things like that.

Meditation; Opening to the Spirit World and Shift in Consciousness

There are many purposes for using meditation.  Meditation can be used to assist in relaxation, release stress, lower your bodily functions, and quiet your mind.  These are all wonderful for you as a human being here on the earth plane.  They can assist you in living a much happier and peaceful life.  Through the use of meditation you can also bring forward thoughts and feelings which you are unaware of.  These thoughts and feelings can assist you in your personal healing, allowing you to move forward.  Most importantly meditation can open the door to the world of spirit.  This is the subject I wish to speak of at this time.


The practice of meditation is capable of putting you into an altered state of consciousness.  This state of consciousness is exactly what is necessary for communicating with the other side.  Meditation opens the door to communicating with loved ones, guides, teachers, angels, and the Masters.  It is a very important tool in the development of Mediumship and Trance Mediumship.  Without it this process would be very ineffective.  Yes, it could be done but, meditation assists in strengthening the work between the two worlds.


By sitting for regular meditation on a daily basis at the same time each day you raise your consciousness to meet those on the other side.  If you sit to meditate before doing something such as Mediumship it will raise your consciousness then the communicator from the spirit world will lower there’s to meet you.  This will then create a link through which communication can be transmitted from the spirit world to you on the earth plane.


Many people do not realize how important meditation is to the different processes of communication between this plane and the spirit plane.  Once you have trained in meditation you are able to access the appropriate level of consciousness which is needed for communication between the two planes.  Meditation is a part of the learning that is needed in the development of all forms of communication between the worlds.


Take time to meditate for your own personal well-being.  Practice it regularly and create the comfort that is needed to attain a deep altered state of consciousness.  It will benefit you for your best and highest good.  If you are interested in developing Mediumship or some other form of communication between this plane and the other the practice of meditation will be most important for your development.  It will enhance the work that you do in this area.  It will assist you but, it will also assist us, making the connection between the worlds much smoother and more evidential.


Embrace the process of meditation.  It is most healing for you and is most capable of working wonders with your skills of communication between the two worlds.

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