How to Dress a Candle

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Dressing a candle can be a very crucial part of the beginning of a ritual or a spell, and is a bit of a ritual in and of itself. How you do it influences the energy you are using and how it will be dispersed and put to use.

Any oil can be used for dressing a candle but initially it is best to either use your favorite essential oil or maybe an oil infused with a suitable herb appropriate for what you are about to do. There are various ways to dress a candle but that is important is the direction in which you anoint it. If you remember that working from the top down draws in power from spiritual sources, and working from the bottom up draws energy from the earth, it is very easy to work correctly for your purpose. Never rub the candle with an up and down motion, you'll confuse the energies.

To dress a candle, you will need your candle(s) and the oil of your choice.


Sit quietly holding the candle, think carefully about your intent.

If you have learned to meditate, then enter a meditative state and allow the energies to build up within you.

To bring something to you, rub the oil in a downward motion from top to the middle and them from the bottom to the middle.

To send something away from you, rub the oil from the middle of the candle out to the ends.

Continue with either movement until you have a sense you've done enough.

If you have remaining oil on your fingers rub it on your hands until it has been absorbed or dab a couple of drops on your forehead*; but remember, this is an oil and can irritate your skin and make it break out.


"I cleanse and consecrate this candle

(in the name of your chosen deity if you choose one).

May it burn with strength in the service of the Greater Good."

Use your candle in its planned ritual.

*dabbing the oil on your forehead helps you to connect to your Third Eye and the seat of vision

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