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This article will explain why magick can't affect physical objects. It also explains why you can't block peoples physical fights.

What is magick?

Magick is energy given from the universe (cosmos/divine). This energy isn't physical, it's spiritual, only people who are intuned to the universe can see these energies. Energy is in everything and everyone, energy is the source of power and life.

Why can't energy physically be used?

Sense energy is a spiritual power, it can't harm physical in a instant. (No magick can work instantly all magick takes time). This is why you can't; shapeshift, lose weight, grow more hair, gain weight, cast the elements by hand..ect. Those require physical need, and magick can't serve the physical need of instant.

Now if you do spells like hexing, curse, love, luck..ect those spells will work. (well depending on the spell of course). This is because they don't work on the physical being itself, it works on the spiritual being and emotions of that being.

If we can't use it for physical need, then what is the point in using magick?

A lot of people believe if they can't do something they want with magick, there is no use for magick. Well magick is an interesting subject to apply yourself to, the spells that can work are very interesting. Magick is as old as time itself.

Magick has many points and values, we all have a greater purpose in life, we all want to be in control of our lives, be able to do something more, be able to make a difference in the world. Magick is worth learning and worth to continue learning.

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