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Magical correspondences in the kitchen these are veggies and fruits.

Apples: attract love, healing, and aid in divination. Almonds: bring money and wisdom. Avocados: help bring love and lust. Bananas are for fertility, potency, and prosperity. Barley: helps with love spells and healing and can also be used for protection. Blackberries promote healing and prosperity and help draw money. Beets: draw love. Carrots promote fertility and lust. Cashew: nuts can help draw money. Celery: promotes mental and psychic powers. Corn: is used for protection, drawing luck, and promoting divination skills. Cucumbers are good for healing and fertility issues. Grapes: promote fertility and mental powers. Leeks: are useful for protection and can be used in love spells. Lemons: are used for purification and as an aid to mental clarity. Oranges promote prosperity and luck. Mustard: is used for strengthening mental powers and fertility. Pineapples bring love and money. Pomegranates: help with divination and can bring wealth. Rice: promotes rain and fertility and can be used to draw money. Strawberries bring love and luck. Turnips: are good for protection and help end relationships. Vanilla: helps attract men and promotes mental energy.

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