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A brief introduction on witch's bottles and their uses

Witch's Bottle
Protection and witch's bottles:
We all have enemies, even the sweetest girl that won't harm a fly has an enemy. It could be anyone, some we know of, and some we don't. It could be someone you don't ven know exists who has had a crush on the guy you are currently dating and she wants to get back at you. It could be your mortal enemy which declared it when you accidently stepped on her dress at prom. All these people want to harm us, and few of these people practice witchcraft. Don't go assuming everyone is Wiccan and won't harm you either, because I sometimes think that people's main goal in life is harming or hurting others.
Raymond Buckland one of the most known writers concerning the Craft and Wicca, states that the best way to protect yourself against these types of people and the harm they wish to inflict is through a Witch's bottle. A Witch's bottle is basically a bottle which you capture a spell in, and as long as the bottle remains unbroken, the spell holds. Below I'm going to infrom you of a witch's bottle for protection which Raymond Buckland has made and then I will share a personal one that is a little more user friendly and less "nasty".
Raymond Buckland's method:
Take a regular jar of which can seal. Fill it halfway with sharp items such as broken glass, rusty nails, old broken razors, pins, needles, etc. When it is filled halfway urinate in it and seal it. If you are a girl try to get some menstrual blood in there as well. When this is done, take the jar and bury it somewhere where it won't be disturbed about 12 inches deep.  If you live in the city you might want to go for a drive and find an appropriate place to bury it. Due to so many new construction sites opening and infrastructure developing you never know when your bottle will be smashed though, so replace it every year or so.
This bottle is meant to deflect harm from others and return it to them. So every time they try to harm you, they will end up harming themselves. Note for Wiccans: This bottle can be made as it is not meant to harm anyone, bt merely to protect yourself.
My version of a Witch's bottle for protection:
Take a regular jar which can seal. Add some salt, and add any 3 or 4 of the herbs below:
Chrysanthemum, Grass, Cinchona, Hazel, Cinnamon, Heather, Cinquefoil, Holly, Clove, Honeysuckle, Clover, Horehound, Club Moss, Houseleek, Coconut, Hyacinth ,Cohosh Black, Hyssop, Cotton, Irish Moss, Cumin, Ivy, Curry,  Juniper, Cyclamen, Kava-Kava, Cypress, Lady's Slipper, Datura, Larch, Devil's Bit, Larkspur, Devil's Shoestring, Lavender, Dill, Leek, Dogwood, Lettuce, Dragon's Blood, Lilac, Ebony, Lily, Elder, Lime, Elecenpane, Linden, Euphorbia, Loosestrife, Fennel, Lotus, Fern, Lucky Hand, Feverwort, Mallow, Figwort, Mandrake, Flax, Marigold, Fleabane, Masterwort, Foxglove, Meadow, Rue, Frankincense, Mimosa, Galangal, Mint, Garlic, Mistletoe, Geranium, Molluka, Ginseng, Mugwort, Gorse, Mulberry, Gourd, Mullein, Grain, Mustard, Myrrh, Southernwood, Nettle, Spanish Moss, Pine, Tamarisk, Oak, Thistle, Olive, Ti, Onion, Toadflax, Orris, Tomato, Papaya, Tormentil, Papyrus, Tulip, Parsley, Turnip, Pennyroyal, Valerian, Peony, Venus' Flytrap, Pepper, Vervain, Violet, Periwinkle, Wax Plant, Pilot Weed, Willow, Pimpernel, Wintergreen, Pine, Witch Hazel, Plantain, Wolf's Bane, Plum, Woodruff, Primrose, Wormwood, Purslane, Yerba Santa, Quince, Yucca, Radish, Ragwort, Raspberry, Rattlesnake, Acacia, Rhubarb, Rose, Rosemary, Rowan, Sage, St. John's Wort, Sandalwood.  (Herbs derived from Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs)
  • Ask each of the herbs that you throw in to protect you.
  • Add something personal like some hair or a ring or necklace or something.
  • Seal the bottle  with white candle wax between the lid and the actual bottle 
  • Carve the rune of protection (Rune for "th") in the lid.
  • Bury the bottle somewhere where it won't be disturbed.
Witch's bottles are mostly made for protection but in all honesty it can be made for absolutely anything. If you want some happiness take a bottle that can seal throw in some herbs(Herbs which has happiness as a Magickal property) add some hearts, something personal, maybe some lavender oil, seal it and bury it. It can honestly be made for anything.
I hope you like this and Blessed Be!
Source: Raymond Buckland- Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft

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