Less-known Basics of Magick

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Lesser known basics of magic which must still be taken into consideration.

Less-known Basics of Magick
Here I would like to stop worrying about the details of Magick for a second and just explain some rudiments of Magick, specifically some of the basics. We all know our basics such as Meditation, Visualization, Grounding and Centering, Energy flow, etc. And for those who don't there are a lot of articles about them, and about every coven has forums on the basics. So I'm not going to discuss those again, but rather the less known basics. 
Timing plays a big role in Magick, and often in witchcraft the moon is involved. Most don't know why though. One of the reasons for this is because the phases of the moon are important and should be taken into account when working proper Magick.  The 2 main phases of the moon are:
The time from the new moon, to the first quarter and then to the full moon is known as a Waxing moon.
The time from the full moon, to the last quarter to the new moon is known as a waning moon.
When we can see more of the moon it is waxing, when we can see less of the moon it is waning. Thus when we work with Magick and we take the moon phases into account, we will use the waxing cycle for constructive Magick, and we will use the waning cycle for destructive Magick.
Constructive Magick: Includes Love, Prosperity, Protection, Health, Wealth, and Fertility
Destructive Magick: Includes binding spells, separation as in breaking 2 people/things up, elimination as in getting rid off or cursing and extermination.
It is important to realize that in this alone there is already sympathetic Magick at work. This is because as the moon "grows" so does your work and the spell for whatever like prosperity. And as the moon "shrinks" so does bad habits or the problem decrease.
Timing is not just about the moon but the days of the week as well. E.g. If you want to bring love into your life, you will do the spell on a Friday, becase Friday is associated with Venus, which is associated with Love.. Below are the days and their properties:
  • Monday (Moon) -Associated with  Merchandise, dreams, and theft
  • Tuesday(Mars) - Associated with Matrimony, war, enermies, and prison
  • Wednesday(Mercury) - Associated with fear, debt and loss
  • Thursday(Jupiter) - Associated with honor, riches, and desires
  • Friday(Venus) - Associated with love, friendship and strangers
  • Saturday(Saturn) - Associated with life, building, doctrine and protection
  • Sunday(Sun) - Associated with fortune, hope and money.
Another important basic in Magick is feeling, and this is where most spells go wrong, people don't put enough emotion into what they are doing. This is why it is more effective if you cast your own spells. It is because someone else won't be able to effectively put in the same amount of emotion in as you would. You must want something with all of your heart. Or you must hate something with your whole heart. Your entire mind body and spirit must give it their all! These strong feelings are in essence the "raising of power". 
Because it is important to "raise the power" in Magick, we have various ways of giving those "powers" a boost. We can try to amplify them firstly through chant and rhyme. When chanting in a rhythmic way for a spell the beat intensifies your emotions and thereby you increase your power or raise more power.Chanting is but one way to increase the power. It can be done by music, instruments, sex, etc.
The last important basic of Magick is to be clean. And by clean I mean on the inside and out. This can be achieved by bathing in salt water (Just add some sea salt or whatever salt on hand into the water) and cleaning yourself and doing proper grooming. To be cleansed internally there are various things we can do. We can meditate. We can decide to fast for a day or 2 before we work with Magick. By fasting I mean no alcohol/nicotine/weed/sex. Some people also avoid certain foods when fasting. If a person is Wiccan, and follows the Wiccan Rede, it is also important to ensure that you don't have any intentions of harming someone. 
This will be all for this article. However, I would suggest that anyone studying their basics like meditation, visualizing and grounding, etc. read this and understand it. A last note which any experienced person will tell you, the basics aren't just something you do once. It is an ongoing process. The basics must be practiced every day!!
I hope you liked this and Blessed Be!
Source: Raymond Buckland - Bucklands Complete book of Witchcraft

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