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This is for those of you that are new to the craft and wonder which items are needed or not.

Simplicity is best. Have you ever heard that age old saying that sometimes less is more? Well less is Indeed more when dealing with magick. Whether you are new or on a budget, you don't necessarily need every tool under the sun, only if they call for you, and even then you can probably do without. Yes these things are useful however they are not mandatory to use magick. Before you go driving your parents or your wallet mental take a breathe, relax, and discover what you truly need this moment and what you can live without for now.

Books Books are a key tool in witchcraft. Books contain so much useful information, can be displayed, reread, and kept with you at all times. While a library full of spell books seems tantalizing, reflect on the cost. Can you afford an average of 25$ on a book when you could go to the library, buy used, or search online? While physical copies are nice to display, are you in the broom closet? You can also try buying a kindle and keep ebooks, you can carry a library in your bag in secret and cheaper than physical copies.

Book of Shadows Similar to books, a Book of Shadows, or BoS, is your personal spellbook. You can use any notebook of your choice, and can place any information of your choice in the book, decorate it however you wish, and make it your own.

Athame pronounced aw-THA-may or ATH-ah-may, this is a ritual knife with a black handle used to cut energy and never people. If an athame draws blood, many believe it must be destroyed. You may wish for a fancy one, but you can also go to a flea market or kitchen supply store and find a similar knife to use for the time.

Wand a stick object used to direct energy. It can be made from wood, metal, crystal, or a combination of the three. Similar to an Athame, many use the two tools interchangeably and if you cannot find or afford one, you can use your finger to cut and direct energy.

Bolin a curved white handled blade used to cut herbs, cords, and other objects, but not to draw blood. You can simply use a kitchen knife.

Cauldron a fireproof bowl used to burn objects or make potions. If you wish to mix potions or herbs you can simply use a bowl, as for burning objects, burning it outside, or dropping it into water works as well, just be safe.

Besom A broom used to sweep away negative energy usually before casting a circle. While a beautiful besom made from special wood and herbs is lovely, you can buy a broom, bless it, and use it like a besom.

Candles Many spells call for these, but you don't really need organic beeswax or soy, unless you feel compelled to do so, dollar store candles work just as well. You also don't need every colour under the sun, white can be used for any spell. Finally, if you cannot have fire you can also use an electronic candles.

Now if you feel like getting all the tools and more, that's fine, but don't think if you don't have them you aren't a real witch or cannot cast spells. All you need to practice Witchcraft or cast spells is yourself. At the end of the day you can meditate, pray, focus energy, and say a chant with yourself alone.

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