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This is for those of you that are new to the craft and wonder which items are needed or not.

Simplicity is best.Have you ever heard that age old saying that sometimes less is more?Well I am sure you have heard it sometime in your life.

Less is Indeed more when dealing with magic especially if you are just starting out,do not have a large budget,do not have much time or simply lazy.

All newbies whom have an honest interest in the craft may get flustered and think they need to run out and buy themselves wands,crystals,tarot cards,herbs,candles and all the like.

Yes Indeed these things are useful and are needed but somethings aren't a must like a robe or wands.


So before you go driving your parents or your wallet mental take a breather and relax.Find out the necessities the bear necessities.These are as follows:


Common sense

A friend

A journal


Lets break that down.You need information and information comes from books.Now yes you will eventually have to buy books but first if your beginning there are many free e books and resources available online on a wide range of topics.

Common sense since you will also be on websites and chatting with others you will need to have a bit of common sense to spot something entirely and utterly ridiculous.Yes there is many free information out there but please double or even triple check the information how?

A friend no I don't mean get a best bud or something nope.Go on one of the many sites on magic and look through the forums.ask questions and engage in conversations in chat.Find someone you will pin point as patient and friendly then befriend them.

A journal well you will need to write all this stuff down don't you think?Get a book and a pen and start taking notes.

Patience is a virtue is what they all say.And that's exceptionally through when dealing with the craft,you can't have enough patience.Go at your own pace relax and look and topics that interest you spend time researching it.Talking about it with others and practicing.Don't lose hope just keep at it.

What you do not need

A robe-these are sure nice to dress up in and easy to make if you like arts and crafts however they are not needed they are merely for show or used at times because of habit.

A wand-Useful yes.It helps you to channel your energy so you can focus it.These can be beautiful and a bit of work.Or can be whatever you feel comfy with like for instance a chopstick.Be creative.However useful they are they are not 100% needed for anything your index finger will do fine.

A cauldron-I honestly don't get the big deals about these things.Sigh.They are most definitely not needed.They make for a nice decoration though.

A besom-This is a magical broom in which you use to sweep away evil.Nice for cleaning out the unwanted energies of the home but incense or some lavender spray can do that and its cheaper too.

Anthame-A knife used in rituals you can use an ordinary knife if needed.

Things you will need later on

Crystals- If you wish to work with them you will have to buy them or any other stone you choose.

Runes-Can be bought or made.

Cards-Can be bought or made

Candles-Not a hundred percent needed but most spells do call for them.

Other things that are not needed are items such as ribbon or thread or lipstick anything the color of the item needed weather it be a shoelace to a piece of string is usable.

Now newbies forget all those spells with this and that needed and just take a breath.Now listen all you need is your mind,your drive for the spell to succeed(will and focus) a pen and paper in some cases.These are your greatest tools in magic,they are the most important of all tools and if you do not master or have any of the above you will not succeed.

Practice is key so is taking your time doing your research and learning how to cope with being wrong and helpful suggestions.Be open and be specific at all times when you are doing spells or rituals and talking to people.

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