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Your eye color can have personality traits. I find eyes very fascinating myself.

Here I will write about the different eye color personality traits. Hazel: people with hazel eyes posses the ability to heal themselves, they also have empathy and sensitivity toward other people, they are also fun loving people. People with hazel colored eyes are usually very beautiful, they will have extremely unusual relationships that tend to be brief. They are very different and love to try out innovative things. They are chance takers and will hardly ever shy away from a challenge. Black: Those few people with black eyes tend to be extremely sensuous, in addition to being extremely secretive. They do not share much about themselves to anyone. Brown: People with brown eyes tend to be more grounded, they never stray far for materialistic or behavioral needs. They are really close to nature, and also are really independent and mentally tough. People with brown eyes are also incredibly attractive, adorable, and always striving to make new buddies. They are very reliable and will do anything for the people they care about. They also tend to be very kind and love to cheer people up. Gray: individuals with gray eyes are known to portray a deep internal strength and will not be affected by any external pressure. They are much more sensitive and profound than most. They have the potential to manipulate themselves according to the environment. Green: People with green are are very spiritual, they are vibrant yet compassionate individuals. They are considered very creative. Individuals will have the longest lasting relationships with the most love. They are considered incredibly good looking. Blue: Blue eyes are commonly referred to as the most beautiful eye color, they are considered extremely good looking. They tend to have the longest lasting romantic relationships. One of their most important goals is to make others feel satisfied. They tend to be assertive and also very straight forward, they are filled with life and have an acute sense of observation. Hope that was interesting.

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