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This article is about the basics of Astragyromancy, which is a method of divination using dice.

"Astragyromancy" translates to "spinning of the dice." Astragalomancy, also known as astragyromancy, is a form of divination that uses dice specially marked with letters and numbers.

Originally, as with dice divination the "dice" were quadruped knucklebones or other small bones. Marked astragal of sheep and goats. Some marked astragal have been found near the altar of Aphrodite Ourania in Athens, Greece, suggesting astragalomancy was performed near the altar after about 500 BC. 

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are the best days to cast the dice. Usually three dice are cast within a 12 inch circle, It is told that if the dice fall out of the circle you should try again later, if they fall out of the circle three times then it is a extremely bad omen. If one die falls on top of the other it is a extremely good omen and signifies a gift soon to be given by someone to the inquirer.

The dice should be interrupted in this manner:

  • Three- One of the smallest and best numbers that can appear, an indication of good fortune, pleasant surprises are in the very near future, whatever the inquiry it is a positive responses you can get.
  • Four- A sign of disappointment or very bad luck.
  • Five- A sign of a wish soon to be granted, or a new friendship will be established.
  • Six- A loss of some kind in the future, possibly with money or friendship
  • Seven- An sign of sorrow and setbacks,and that people are talking behind you're back.
  • Eight- A sign you will soon be blamed for something you did not do.
  • Nine- An sign of a soon to happen wedding, either yours or a friend or acquaintance. Also a sign of luck in love.
  • Ten- A sign of career advancement, or childbirth.
  • Eleven- An sign of separation or sickness which may be temporary.
  • Twelve- A sign that you will get happy new or a message of importance soon.
  • Thirteen- A very bad omen by some and some consider it as a sign of soon gift from the gods.
  • Fourteen- A sign that you may have a secret admirer or a very helpful friend.
  • Fifteen- A sign of dishonesty, disagreement or gossip.
  • Sixteen- A sign of soon travel and pleasant journey.
  • Seventeen- A sign that change will soon be coming.
  • Eighteen- The very best number that can be cast, a sign of lots of money and much happiness.

Single die numbers:

  • One: Generally favorable
  • Two: You're success depends on your friends
  • Three- An exceptional omen for success
  • Four- Disappointment and trouble
  • Five- Good indications
  • Six- Uncertainty and indecision Good luck and blessed be.

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