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This is for spells that work. To give a hint to people that think some of the impossible spells work, which they don't.

Looking for Real Spells That Work?

Often, the search for real spells that work falls flat. Sure you can find these “novelty” sites that offer you nothing more than fluff. However, it is my opinion that if you are looking for real spells that actually work you must first educate yourself about what you are asking for and what kind of spiritual work goes into getting the results.

Casting Genuine Spells That Work

Spell casting is often associated with the Wicca and Witchcraft. If you ask the average his or her opinion about that subject they conjure up images of old timey witches who seem crazy, somewhere stuck in a dark room going mad. But if you actually research what Wicca is all about it is first and foremost its about being connected with your natural self and what inherit abilities and strengths lie within you. Think of it like this. We on Earth are bound to the normal day to day stuff. You wake up everyday and for most of us go to a job, raise kids and everything else associated with that. On the flip side of life there is the magickal side that contains the energy and power we cannot see. And if you’re looking for spells that work you must respect both of these forces. This is the stuff that you can control and the stuff you must channel your inner spirituality to achieve.

Do Real Spells Actually Work?

For example you are looking for a love or money spell (which are very two popular spells to cast) you simply do not cast the spell and wait for the man or woman of your dreams to show up at your front door. In the case of a money spell you also would not wait for the mail man to arrive with a huge check and solve all of your financial dreams. So whether you want to cast your own spells or have some someone cast real spells that work on your behalf, you must respect the powers you are dealing with.

How to make spell really work

Simply put, you cast a spell whether it be a money or love spell and you go out into the world and you put yourself into a position to meet the love of your life. You strike up conversations with potential loves and you make yourself vulnerable. Then this enhances your love spell because you have unleashed all that spiritual energy to coincide with your actions. The same goes for a money spell. Once you cast the desired spell start looking a better paying job, start looking into money making opportunities. Once again enhance your spells by putting in the work to achieve your desires. That is a powerful combination of your actions and the actions of your spells is a remarkable thing indeed!


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