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Manifesting something into your life through Witchcraft.

Manifesting is the method of Witchcraft that brings something into your life or even if you so choose, you could bring something into someone else's life as well. Almost any spell in which you conduct draws something to yourself or another so really all spells could be called Manifesting Spells. Career Spells and Prosperity Spells are both forms of Manifestation.

There is a numerous amount o reasons why someone would want a Manifestation Spell done for them or another:


.A New Job

.Repayment of a debt

.A new house/new car

.A parking space

.A holiday


.Health or healing



.A child

There is also the method of Positive Thinking, which is the key to making any manifestation work in your own mind. You have to truly believe that your spell will be effective and produce your desired result(s). There are four keys to maintaining the right mindset for this.

1.Choose the proper goal. It should be attainable in a

reasonable amount of time

2.Be confident. If you are not sure that you really deserve or want a particular goal, then a manifesting spell will not work. Be confident in your belief that this is the best thing for you.

3.Be willing to accept any consequences, sometimes even the best-intentioned spells have bizarre results. You must be willing to accept any and all results of your spell.

4.Forget it. Do not obsess over the spell after you cast it. Instead go about your everyday life. You will soon recognize it when the manifested goal or result presents itself to you.

Manifesting with Stones

Choose the stone or crystal that can help you to manifest a specific goal. You can also use the stone to assist manifestation in the following ways:

.Bless one for your goal and carry it with you

.Use one instead of the symbol in the basic manifesting spell

.Use it to clear your chakra's of any blocks to your goal

.Place a symbol of your goal on your altar and surround it with related crystals.

An example of Manifesting stones are green stones for fertility.

Manifesting with Herbs

Herbs can be very powerful tools for manifestation. Choose herbs that are associated with your goal and then use them in the methods below:

.Brew herbal tea's and drink it daily until you achieve your result

.Blend a lotion and apply it to your skin daily until you achieve your desired result

.Combine essential oils to anoint the symbol of your goal or the parchment on which it is written for the manifesting spell that you are doing

.Burn herbs and resins as incense during spells or rituals

.Herb pouches are used to combine herbs with colour magick by making a suitably colored origami pouch to store herbs. You can carry the pouch in a pocket or bag to keep its Magickal energy close to you

Manifesting Goddesses:



Epona: Conception, healthy pregnancy

Hathor: Conception

Hestia: New Home

Inanna: Conception, Peace

Kuan Yin: Conception

Venus: Luxury Goods, art

Manifesting Gods:

Hermes: Holiday, Contact with a lost friend

Jupiter: Electronics, material objects, repayment of a debt

Manannan Mac Lir: Good Weather

Mercury: Holiday, Transportation

Min: Conception

Neptune: Travel by sea

Tiw: Justice

I hope you found this article very helpful. :)

Blessed Be )O(

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Jan 04, 2022
Could I manifest a skill, like manifest, being better at doing a certain thing?

Jan 07, 2022
Yes and no. Manifestation is believing something will happen and seeing yourself achieving your goal. You can do this with the skill, but then you need to practice. With manifestation, you'll notice classes for the skill at a price you can afford, you'll retain the information easier, and you will pick up the skill quicker.

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