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With Smudge Stick you can choose to cleanse areas,people,ritual tools or other objects.

A Smudge Stick is a small wand made from dried Botanicals.

A certain level of debris accumulates constantly. As you become more physically aware, you may become more conscious to this and feel greater desire to have regular cleansing rituals.

Cleansing spells remove low-level spiritual entities that knowingly or unknowingly obstruct or weaken your own psychic work. Lessening your chances of success.

This ritual is extremely personaland the results are immediate.

**To make a Smudge Stick**

1) White Sage or Common Garden Sage

2) Rosemary

3) Juniper

4) Sandalwood

5) Thyme

STEP 1 - Dry the bunch of herbs

STEP 2 - When they have completely dried, bind them together with thin cotton thread. Smudge Sticks are neat and should be bound together tightly as possible.

STEP 3 - When needed, the stick should be lit and the smoke directed towards and over whatever needs cleansing.

STEP 4 - You may use your bare hands to direct the smoke.



Always have a bowl of water near by

Never leave you Smudge Stick unattended when alight

Never place on a flammable surface

Place it on a plate of some kind when finished

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